Meet Mielieta!

Hi Everyone!!

My name is Mielieta Gonzalez and as so many people are, I am a Gymnast and a huge Gym Fan! I was born in America back in 1989 but moved to South Africa when I was a toddler. I am one of eight children in my family - four biological sisters and three adopted sisters, plus my parents are legal guardians for my cousin. We all have our own Individual style, personalities and interests but one thing we all definitely have in common is our passion for Gymnastics! I was introduced to Gymnastics after annoying my parents for many years after watching my older sister. To this day we are all involved in Gymnastics in some way or another. Now that I live in the United States of America, my family and I often watch coverage of events together and have a massive debrief and/or Skype session afterwards plus growing up we all had a massive cheer squad during our competitions! :)

Personally, I have a Bachelor of Mass Communication with a Double Major in Journalism and Public Relations from Murdoch University in Western Australia, however I am currently studying towards a whole different degree. I still train over here in Florida, and also coach. Plus I have time for Gymmin' Miel and what resembles a social life - crazy I know!!! :)

This blog was founded by Miss Chim back in January 2008 who set the foundations in motion under the title of ChimGym. She was joined by Keisha Del Santo in May that year and eventually took over as Administrator, where she contributed until her passing in 2010. Before that however I took over to assist and took over after her death. Since then I feel the blog is flourishing and I look forward to sharing some Gymnastics news and insights into the foreseeable future.  Thanks for your readership!