Australian WAG Team has been announced

6:25 PM

  • Dasha Joura (WA)
  • Lauren Mitchell (WA)
  • Olivia Vivian (WA)
  • Ashleigh Brennan (VIC)
  • Shona Morgan (VIC)
  • Georgia Bonora (VIC)
TEAM COACH W.A.: Martine George
TEAM COACH VIC: Misha Barbarach


According to the article on the Australian Olympic site which you can find here:

The composition of the nominated team caused much angst for head coach Peggy Liddick, who finally opted for those girls who were able to deliver consistent performances, and had the experience to handle the pressure of a major international competition.

“I feel that we have picked the strongest team. The bottom line was their potential to contribute to the team score, and if all else was equal there, we had to go with international experience.”

“I think we have a pretty good vaulting team. I think our strength is that we don’t really have a weak apparatus, we’re good on all four. We’re not world beaters on any one, but we’re good and consistent on all four.”
Personally, I am really pleased with this squad. I cannot wait to see what is written when GA updates their site, perhaps it shall name our non-travelling reserve? Am a little bit surprised that Emma Dennis is the reserve - but however am really glad that Olivia has been named to the team. Okay so she had a bit of a rough time at Camp, but she does bring the international experience, great start value on bars and that leadership quality that we all love so much. I say lets praise Peggy for the team selection. And good luck to all involved.

I will update this post with relevant articles and links to videos that I find. And any information that I can come across.

Joura to Lead Aussie Gymnasts
: Nothing spectacular, it just lists our girls who have made the team
Three WA Girls in Beijing Olympics team: Basically a repeat of the article on the Australian Olympics site. Accompanied by a photo of Olivia on Bars that has been frequently used on the site.
International Gymnast has a piece listing our Olympic Squad which can be found here.
The Official Media Release from GA can be seen here and says what we already new from the above articles.
The Australian has listed our Olympic hopefuls, complete with a picture of Miss Joura standing in front of the Olympic rings which you can find here.
ABC Australian Radio site has a little snippet, which I am rather perplexed at: not only did they spell our lone Trampoline competitor's last name wrong, but they also did the same for Olivia's last name! See the mistakes including spelling Australia wrong here.
The WWOS website and The Age Online both carry the same article. Which is a pretty good read and comes back to the fact that there is a possibility that we can challenge for bronze.
The picture you see above can be seen in its original form HERE, and is accompanied by an article that you can read at FoxSports with a picture of Olivia. This is a great article with Olivia telling us what it (the announcement) was like for her.
In our West Australian newspaper today there is an article on our WA girls with a really nice photo (quite on the large side too) of Olivia, Lauren and Dasha.
The Herald Sun has a small article that you can read here. It has a really nice and sweet photo of the 3 Victorian members of the Olympic squad.

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