Images of the Europeans

12:22 AM

Gymnast from Cyprus Athena Stavrinaki-Panayi injured during floor in qualifications. I love this girl so hopefully she'll continue.
Ukrainian Anna Kalashnyk

The photographers seem to love taking photos of Marta Pihan-Kulesza's hair

Italian Paola Galante

Germany's Anja Brinker

Czech Eva Verbova on beam

Italian Lia Parolari


Hungarian Anna Csiszar

Sandra Raluca Izbasa

Aagje Van Walleghem

Kristina Goryunova (RUS)

Hannah Whelan (GBR)

Ana Maria Tamirjan (ROU)

Ariella Kaeslin (SUI)

Ana Maria Izurieta

Emily Armi

Our Gold medallist Semyonova - I love this leo

Ksenia Afanasyeva's floor was absolutely gorgeous. As too was Semyonova's, and Tamirjan's. Kudos to those brillliant youtube users that have the videos up already. I love Semyonova's and Tweddle's bar work they make it look sooo easy. I definitely liked Brinker's leo for the Bars final and am glad she was very happy with her routine she has definitely worked hard since Beijing. Good to see Tweddle working on the bars with no close presence of coach Amanda Kirby - hmmm has it always been like that? I must investigate. Poor Holenkova I felt so bad for her when watching the routine from EF uneven bars. I watched Ferrari's floor again and man did she deserve that silver not only for a wonderful floor routine but also for her comeback after a disappointing 2008. We Love You Vanessa! Poor Sandra though she had a rough Euros and sadly they downgraded her triple to a 2 and a half so she wasn't credited with a dismount in floor EF. It was nice to see some different vaults performed by Berger than what we normally do in EFs. Kaeslin was phenomenal and I am so lost for words when it comes to her. She is really at her peak. Nice to see a Spanish girl back up there.

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