Pre Pan American Games 2010

8:40 PM

The Pre Pan American Games is being held in Guadalajara, Mexico today and serves as the selection event for the Trampoline Gymnastics for the 2011 edition of the Pan American Games which will be held in Guadalajara from October 14th to 30th. Qualification for the Games will be based on the results from the preliminary round. The countries which finish in the top three in the team results will send two athletes each, and the two trampolinists who finish at the top of the individual preliminary results who are not on one of the top three teams also qualify as individuals. All athletes must be at least 17 years old in 2011, and a maximum of five countries will be represented in each trampoline division at the Pan Am Games. The team competition and preliminaries for the individual event finals are held together, with the top eight individuals, max of two per country advance to the Men's and Women's Individual Trampoline Finals. Watch out for the Canadians and United States of Americans to make an impact.

  • Melina Wirtz (ARG)
  • Monica Fernandez (ARG)
  • Luciana Bellomo (ARG)
  • Mara Colombo (ARG)
  • Taissa Garcia (BRA)
  • Daienne Cardoso Lima (BRA)
  • Joana Di Carlo Conde Perez (BRA)
  • Vanessa Dos Santos (BRA)
  • Karen Cockburn (CAN)
  • Rosannagh Maclennan (CAN)
  • Mariah Madigan (CAN)
  • Samantha Smith (CAN)
  • Yunairi Socarras Bueno (CUB)
  • Alejandra Fernandez Lomeli (MEX)
  • Michelle Xel Ha Garcia Lopez (MEX)
  • Maria Fernanda Reynaud Calderon (MEX)
  • Gemma Samantha Zamudio Gomez (MEX)
  • Hayley Butcher (USA)
  • Dakota Earnest (USA)
  • Nani Varcruyssen (USA)
  • Savannah Vinsant (USA)
  • Rosired Cristina Parejo Marcano (VEN)
  • Abraham Jure (ARG)
  • Facundo Vallejo (ARG)
  • Lucas Adorno (ARG)
  • Edmon Vidal De Abreu (BRA)
  • Rafael Andrade (BRA)
  • Rodrigo Pacheco (BRA)
  • Carlos Ramirez Pala (BRA)
  • Philip Barbaro (CAN)
  • Martin Myers (CAN)
  • Carl Rom Colthoff (CAN)
  • Charles Thibault (CAN)
  • Raunel Aguila Tartabull (CUB)
  • Mario Walerico Reyna Sanchez (CUB)
  • Jorge Yannick Garcia Miranda (MEX)
  • Rene Alejandro Navarro Gutierrez (MEX)
  • Oswaldo Prieto Angel (MEX)
  • Armando Reyes Encarnacion (MEX)
  • Natanael Camara (PUR)
  • Michael Devine (USA)
  • Logan Dooley (USA)
  • Steven Gluckstein (USA)
  • Neil Gulati (USA)
  • Santiago Gabriel Marcano (VEN)

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