Fashion from 2011 Arab Games

3:48 PM

Stay tuned for a roundup of the results from the Artistic Gymnastics at the 2011 Arab Games in an upcoming post. The gymnastics portion of the competition was held at the Aspire Academy Dome in Doha, Qatar and took place from the 10th to the 14th of December. Thanks to Getty Images and below are a selection of images from the event. General observation from the images below: Egypt's leotard choices absolutely rock!

Egyptians Salma Mahmoud El Said Mohamed.

Qatar's Shaden Wohdan (Image from Reuters Pictures). She's grown up so much since I last saw photos of Shaden!

Tunisian Feten Aouadi. Oh wow, it's a different kind of colouring that I have seen, whether I like it or not it remains to be seen. 

Egyptian Salma Mahmoud El Said Mohamed (Reuters Pictures) during the Uneven Bars Final.

Algerian Lahna Salem. Very patriotic leotard from Algeria!

Salma Mahmoud El Said Mohamed (EGY) from Reuters Pictures

Home town favourite Shaden Wohdan (Reuters Pictures) from AA Final. I quite like this leotard!

Egyptian Aya Mahgoub (Reuters Pictures) from Uneven Bars final.

Aljazy Al-Habshi from Qatar. (AFP/Getty Images)

Egyptian Aya Mahgoub (AFP/Getty Images)

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