Tweddle: My Coach is the Reason I'm in the Running for London 2012

11:10 PM

Image courtesy of by Getty Images of Tweddle on the carpet at the 2011 BBC Sports Personality of the Year. In an exclusive piece for the Metro, Great Britain's star Artistic Gymnast Elizabeth Tweddle, swapped her grips for a computer to write a short piece on why her coach Amanda Reddin is the reason she's hoping to make her third Olympic Games. The piece can be seen in its fullness here. However here is a copy of the piece below. I think it's absolutely lovely that she wants Amanda to receive the credit that she and other coaches deserve. It is very well written and I think it's nice that she singles out Louis Smith who she describes as "a very cool guy"! 

It's exciting finally reaching Olympic year but amid all the hype and expectation, people forget how big it all is for the people behind the scenes too.
I’ve been with my coach Amanda Reddin since I was 12 and she knows me inside out. I can go to her and tell her anything – she  has just been so influential on my career.
People like Amanda deserve more credit, and I’m so excited for her as we enter 2012.
Amanda also coaches Hannah Whelan and Jenni Pinches, my Great Britain team-mates, at Liverpool Gymnastics Club so it could be so thrilling if all three of us make the team for the Games.
The key is familiarity – if I have a problem or I’m frustrated about something I can speak to Amanda and she will tell me to stop worrying and relax.
Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today – on the verge of a home Olympics. After Beijing there were doubts whether I’d carry on until London, given I’ll be 27 and old in gymnastics terms.
But Amanda knew that if I kept coming through the door of the club with a smile on my face, I’d be ready to mount another campaign.On the competition front, it’s been fairly quiet as the British women’s artistic team have already qualified for 2012 and won’t be in action at next week’s test event at London’s North Greenwich Arena.
However, come the spring we have the trials and the European Championships so I’m deep into training now.
The men’s artistic team still have their work cut out as they bid to qualify for the Olympics and must finish in the top four.
But I know Louis Smith well and, as the only British Olympic gymnastics medallist of the modern era, he is used to a challenge.
Louis is a very cool guy and used to the pressure so I expect him to take it all in his stride, as will the rest of the men’s team.
Once again the focus will be on him at the test event and, for me, someone else taking centre stage can be a help. There are so many good British gymnasts now, the attention is less concentrated on me.

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