World of Gymnastics

8:41 PM

The World of Gymnastics is a half an hour look into the world of Gymnastics which is broadcast on the Eurosport channel on Foxtel, the pay television provider in Australia which is updated every month.

Here is the run down of this month's program:

  • Great Britain will field a men's team at the Olympics for the first time since the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, and they showed a number of routines from January's Test Event, including Louis Smith's Pommel Horse routine. Max Whitlock was highlighted as one to watch along with the mainstays Smith, Purvis, Thomas. 
  • Mexican Daniel Corral Barron on Parallel Bars and Chilean Enrique Tomas Gonzalez Sepulveda on Floor Exercise put Latin America on top of these events respectively. Glad that we got to see their full routines from the Test Event on these events.
  • Highlighted Iordan Iotchev of Bulgaria.
  • Vanessa Ferrari and the Italians were shown and mentioned. 
  • And hurray they recognised Vasiliki Millousi of Greece and Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland. Plus they showed 90% of Millousi's Beam routine so I personally am happy :) and the final tumbling pass of Steingruber's Floor routine. 
  • Brazilian ladies also rated a mention with Adrian Geovana Nunes Gomes shown on Beam as the last lady to go.And of course they showed their ecstatic reactions. Absolutely lovely.
  • 200 yr tradition of Gymnastics in Germany. Today strong work efforts. An interview with Jens Milbradt on the success of the German Men and Women. Group athletes born in the late 1980's had lead the charge in particularly noted was Fabian Hambuechen - according to Jens, Fabian initiated the Boom. Also noted Phillip Boy, Marcel Nguyen and Matthias Fahrig - and that's just their strength. 
  • Interview with Brian Gladow, who is the same age as Hambuechen but been less fortunate due to a number of interviews. Attributes success German gymnasts to the coaches. Ambitious athletes that encourage one another. Phillip and Marcel formed good relationship with Hambuechen and according to Gladow these two want to emulate the success that Hambuechen has found. This motivation is used to make Nguyen and Boy reach the same level as Fabian - and according to Gladow perhaps these two guys are better than Fabian at the moment. 
  • Viktor Weber says that gymnastics in Germany became popular thanks to Fabian. Became a natural leader within the team. Phillip Sorrer agrees with Weber but says that now it is popular because of Phillip Boy. 
  • Need to concentrate in the new generations. 
  • Shawn Johnson - I'm not sure when this was recorded but according to this episode Liang Chow has said that Shawn is still afraid of twisting on landing.
  • Dong Dong (Men's Chinese Trampoline Star) won the London Test Event title over compatriot Lu Chunlong who was the 2011 World Champion. 
  • Canadian Jason Burnett and Diego Ganchino of Portugal's performances at the Test Event were also shown. 
  • Portugal also received a berth in Women's Trampoline thanks to starlet Ana Rente 
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics - Anna Alyabyeva of Kazakhstan's Ribbon routine was a highlight as to was Russian Daria Kondakova's Ball routine both from the London Test Event.
  • Swiss Cup 2011. Top class field. Got to see a bit of everyone. 
  • Kim Bui, Hak Seon Yang (VAULT). Mykola Kuksenkov, Jessica Diacci shown.
  • Flavius Koczi (full floor routine from the final) and most of Ana Porgras' Beam routine were shown.
  • Hambuechen's full Horizontal Bar routine shown
  • Home team hadn't won since 1984 - Until this year when Claudio Cappelli and Steingruber took it out.
  • Acro World Championships - Brazil, Colombia and Tadjikistan taking part in Acrobatic Worlds for the first time. 

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