Romanian Senior WAG's Triumphant

6:41 PM

Sandra Raluca Izbasa, Catalina Ponor, Larisa Andreea Iordache, Raluca Oana Haidu and Diana Laura Bulimar.

Romania's Senior Women's team has earned themselves the 2012 European Championships Senior Team Title. Yes I know, a huge amount of capitals in the one sentence. Russia came second with Italy improving from the Qualifications to take out the Bronze medal. Great Britain dropped to fourth. Highest individual scores for the team finals were: Sandra Raluca Izbasa (ROU) on Vault (15.200), Russian Aliya Mustafina on the Uneven Bars (15.833), Catalina Ponor (ROU) on Balance Beam (15.433) and Romanian Larisa Andreea Iordache on the Floor Exercise (15.033).

1. ROMANIA 176.288 (I adore their Team Final leotard. It's so plain but yet is partriotic. Image from Getty Images of Catalina Ponor).

2. RUSSIA 175.536 (Stunning leotard! Aliya Mustafina, Maria Paseka, Victoria Komova, Anastasia Grihina, Anastasia Sidorova. Image from Getty Images)

3. ITALY 171.430 (Have always loved this leotard since they first debuted it. Carlotta Ferlito, Giorgia Campana, Francesca DeAgostini, Erika Fasana, Vanessa Ferrari). Lovely, lovely smiles! Photo from Getty Images.

4. GREAT BRITAIN 167.763 (Image of Rebecca Tunney from AP Photo. Lovely leotard, very patriotic.)

5. FRANCE 164.295 - Competed without Marine Brevet so an extremely formidable effort. (Image of Anne Kuhm from Getty Images. Love, love, love this leotard. Unique patterning).

6. BELGIUM 163.821 (Image from the Belgian Gymnastics Federation Official Website. Can see it better in video footage of the competition. Absolutely stunning.)

7. SPAIN 163.522. (Video from Youtube user RecintoMoxo2012). I don't mind this leotard, although I would love it if Spain one day surprises me and wears full sleeved leotards, but I can make do until then! Ana Maria Izurieta on Floor).

8. GERMANY 160.497 (Oksana Chusovitina on vault, thanks to RecintoMoxo2012. Sparkly leotard! But it's very smart looking and patriotic.)

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