Jade Barbosa Out Of Olympics?

11:11 PM

Video from Qualifications at the 2008 Olympics, courtesy of Youtube user Violaroadkill.

So according to the article on Yahoo! Sports, Brazilian starlet Jade Fernandes Barbosa is set to miss out on her second Olympics as she has allegedly REFUSED to wear the team's uniforms in London. Okay so now for my opinion time. I know that the Brazilian team leotards are sometimes questionable, but the styles are getting better. To not allow someone who can help to bolster the team's ranking is in my opinion ridiculous but hey I do not know the full story but it is definitely a crazy situation. But it is a situation that cannot be helped. 

On a positive note: Congratulations to Lais da Silva Souza and Priscila Domingues Cobello who have been added to the Olympic Training Squad. 

The article from Yahoo!:
One of Brazil's top women's gymnasts will not make it to the Olympics because she allegedly refused to wear the team's uniforms in London.
The Brazilian gymnastics confederations said on Wednesday that Barbosa didn't want to sign an agreement that required her to wear the uniforms with the team's sponsors.
Gymnastic officials said they complied with several of Barbosa's demands, but could not allow her not to wear the same uniform as the other Brazilian athletes.
The 20-year-old Barbosa, who could not be immediately contacted for comment, had not showed up for the team's preparations because of the dispute.
Five Brazilian women gymnasts will make the final list for the 2012 Games.
Barbosa, who was in the 2008 Olympics, has won two bronze medals in world championships.
And from terra.com.br, which is from here:
Jade Barbosa did not dispute the London Olympics. The Brazilian Gymnastics Federation confirmed on Wednesday that the athlete was cut from the group that will compete in the London Games because of differences in relation to sponsorship and uniform. She did not participate in training during the last week in Rio de Janeiro activities and missed again this Wednesday."We understand that negotiations are closed. The issue was a contractual problem that left her out of the goals she had to meet before the Games. You do not get an Olympic final without going through a few tournaments before with success," said the coordinator Selection, Georgette Vidor, who added: "She has the right not to want to sign a contract or term sheet to wear uniforms, but does not have as part of the team without it."The earth came into contact with the staff of Jade Barbosa, who looked surprised at the news. "It has nothing official, I'm waiting for a response from it to publicize the official version," said the advice of the gymnast.Jade Barbosa was part of a group of gymnasts invited to a week of training in Rio de Janeiro, along with Adrian Gomes, Bruna Leal Yamamoto, Daiane dos Santos, Daniele Hypolito, Ethiene Franco, Gabriela Soares, Harumi and Leticia de Freitas of Cosa.Even without the official version of the athlete, the Brazilian Gymnastics has convened a replacement for Jade. It's Lais Souza, who attended the Olympics in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, and will now join the group training this week, outlining the seven athletes who will go to the acclimation period to determine the five athletes who will represent Brazil in the Olympics.Jade participated in the Beijing Olympics with great prominence when he won positions new to the gym in Brazil.Qualified for three finals and earned a tenth place, the best place in the national category so far. She has two bronze medals in world championships, won in 2007 and 2010.

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