RG Event Finals Results at the CWG

7:05 PM

The Rhythmic Gymnastics competition at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games came to a close yesterday with the Individual Event Finals being contested. Canadian Patricia Bezzoubenko, who many believed would equal the 6-gold medal feat that Alexandra Orlando completed in 2006 fell short winning five golds and a bronze. Bezzoubenko took the titles with the Hoop, Ball and Clubs however it was Welsh gymnast Francesca Jones who ended her career on a high taking out the Ribbon honors. Jones and Malaysia's Wong Poh San won the silver and bronze medals respectively with the Hoop, whilst with the Ball Jones added another silver with her compatriot Laura Halford earning the bronze medal. With the Clubs, Francesca Jones topped Cyprus' Themida Christodoulidou for the silver medal. Jones had to wait for the results of an appeal launched in regards to the score of Bezzoubenko before she could begin to celebrate the win. In the end Jones was awarded the gold over Malaysian Wong Poh San and Bezzoubenko. There is a fantastic article with Jones on The Guardian website at: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/jul/26/francesca-jones-gymnastics-gold-commomwealth-games-2014

  1. Patricia Bezzoubenko (CAN) 14.800
  2. Francesca Jones (WAL) 14.750
  3. Wong Poh San (MAS) 14.650
  4. Pantelitsa Theodoulou (CYP) 14.500
  5. Laura Halford (WAL) 14.250
  6. Amy Dict Weng Kwan (MAS) 14.200
  7. Stephani Sherlock (ENG) 13.875
  8. Themida Christodoulidou (CYP) 13.250
  1. Patricia Bezzoubenko (CAN) 15.250
  2. Francesca Jones (WAL) 14.875
  3. Laura Halford (WAL) 14.550
  4. Themida Christodoulidou (CYP) 14.050
  5. Amy Dict Weng Kwan (MAS) 13.650
  6. Pantelitsa Theodoulou (CYP) 13.600
  7. Stephani Sherlock (ENG) 12.950
  8. Maria Kitkarska (CAN) 12.800
  1. Patricia Bezzoubenko (CAN) 15.350
  2. Francesca Jones (WAL) 14.800
  3. Themida Christodoulidou (CYP) 14.300
  4. Pantelitsa Theodoulou (CYP) 14.150
  5. Grace Legote (RSA) 14.050
  6. Maria Kitkarska (CAN) 14.000
  7. Amy Dict Weng Kwan (MAS) 13.900
  8. Wong Poh San (MAS) 13.375
  1. Francesca Jones (WAL) 14.500
  2. Wong Poh San (MAS) 14.250
  3. Patricia Bezzoubenko (CAN) 13.800
  4. Amy Dict Weng Kwan (MAS) 13.600
  5. Lynne Hutchison (ENG) 13.550
  6. Maria Kitkarska (CAN) 13.375
  7. Grace Legote (RSA) 13.100
  8. Laura Halford (WAL) 12.850

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