2008 Maribor World Cup PREVIEW

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The 4th Maribor World Cup woll be held the 25th to the 27th of April and I thought I would profile and give a list of the recently documented results of these competitors. Please be aware that whilst I remain or try remain unbiased, I do have my favourites.

LISA ECKER - Uneven Bars and Balance Beam: A junior last year she was 2nd All Around at the 2007 Attila Pinter Memorial in March last year. Scores for this year are currently unknown to me.
HANNA GROSCH- Vault and Uneven Bars: Was 4th AA at the 2007 Austrian Championships. At the 2007 Ostrava World Cup, she was 4th on floor (11.750) and 7th on the other apparatuses (11.550 BB; 11.850 UB; 12.600 Vault) so far this year Hanna's highest scores on the apparatuses she will be competing are: VAULT: 13.050 and UB: 13.200
JASMIN MADER: Vault and Floor: A junior last year she was 3rd AA at the Atilla Pinter Memorial. This year she has scored a 13.000 on vault and a 13.300 on FX.
KATRINN NUSSBACHER: Balance Beam and Floor: So far this year Kathrin has scored a 13.300 on floor and a 13.450 on beam. At last year's Worlds she was 95th AA (51.050), 151st BB (12.675); 90th FX (13.050) and 125th UB (12.500)

: ALL 4 EVENTS: This girl is so unique especially on floor - I think it is very refreshing. She had an okay World Championships last year, and was named as an individual to compete in this years's Olympics! At the Belgium vs Finland vs Switzerland Gaelle scored: 13.900 VT, 11.950 UB, 14.000 BB and 13.950 on FX.
AAGJE VANWALLEGHEM : All 4 Events: It would have been really great to Aagje at her 2nd Olympics. She was Belgium's first medal winner at a World Cup. At the BEL v FIN v SUI meet Aagje scored a 14.700 on VT, 13.750 UB, 14.650 on BB, and a 14.450 on FX. OUT DUE TO INJURY SUSTAINED AT EUROS AND CONSEQUENTIAL SURGERY

BRAZIL: DANIELE HYPOLITO: Balance Beam and Floor. If all goes well and Daniele is in good health she could be off to her 3rd Olympics. At last year's World Championships Daniele was 39th AA (55.975), 53rd BB with 14.375, 34th on floor with 14.075 and 77th on UB with a score of 13.825
Vault, Uneven Bars and Floor. Milena competed as a Junior in the 13-15 yrs division at the Brazilian Championships in May last year where she was 3rd AA behind Lais Souza and Ana Claudia Silva. At these championships she was 4th on Bars (beating Barbosa who was 7th) and 9th on Beam and 13th on Floor.
Vault, Bars and Beam: Juliana was 3rd AA at the 2007 Brazilian National Championships behind Jade Barbosa and Daniele. She came 3rd on Bars, and 2nd on Beam and Floor.

NANSY DAMIANOVA: Vault and floor: Nansy is a very promising gymnast and has had some great meets so far this year. Most recently at the 2008 Pacific Rim Championships Nansy came 5th on vault, 6th on bars and 8th on floor.
KRISTINA VACULIK: All 4 events: A definite force for this team - Kristina is considered by many to be one of the front-runners for one of two places to represent Canada at the Olympics.
She has had quite a busy schedule so far this year with her recent competition being the Pacific Rim where she came 6th AA, 8th on vault, tied for 2nd on Bars with Nastia Liukin and was 6th on beam. Coached by Yelena Davydova
Bars, Beam and Floor. Emma is a relatively new face on the senior scene and as such won't really make too much of an impact for the Olympic places - perhaps we'll see her in 4 years time although a lot can happen between now and then! At the 2007 Elite Canada meet she was 6th in the Senior AA, 4th on UB and BB and 8th on floor.

NATHALIA SANCHEZ CARDENAS: All 4 events - Nathalia was awarded a place as an individual qualifier for the Olympics this year. At the 2007 World Championships Nathalia was 58th AA (53.625); 76th on Beam (13.875); 96th on floor (12.975) and 75th on uneven bars (13.850)

Balance beam and floor: If you do a search on Youtube you can find some videos of Martina as a junior from 2005. She will be 16 this year and unfortunately only Tina Erceg (Croatia's first female gymnast to qualify to an Olympics) has earned a place in Beijing. She was 41st at the 2006 Junior Europeans in AA qualification.

Bars, Beam and floor: It's no secret that I love Kristina's floor work. She had a busy year in 2007 with appearances at 5 World Cup events, Europeans and the World Championships where she helped her team to qualify one gymnast to the Olympics. At the 2007 Worlds Kristina qualified 33rd in the AA with a score of 56.375 but due to the 2 per country rule was given an opportunity to compete in the AA final where she came 20th with a score of 56.250 and finished 15th on UB with a score of 15.375. At the 2008 Europeans Palesova was 11th AA in qualifications (55.250) - 14.000 Vault; 14.800 Uneven Bars; 12.475 Beam and 13.975 on floor. Therefore she was 27th on Vault, 10th on Bars, 47th on beam and 40th on floor.
Beam and Floor. More commonly goes by Nicole Pechanec and trains at Parkettes in the USA and is set to join the Stanford's Women's Gymnastics team in the Fall of this year. With 2 World Championships under her belt she bring some experience to the team. At the 2008 Europeans she qualified 31st AA with 50.125 - 44th on VT (13.600); 74th on Bars (10.450); 62nd on Beam with a 12.200 and 31st on FX with 13.875.
Vault and Bars: It seems like Jana has been around forever! Where to start? She was lucky enough to go to the Olympic Test Event last year and was 17th AA. At the 2008 Europeans Sikulova was 13th AA in qualification with a score of 54.475. She was 31st on vault with a 13.850, 20th on bars with a 14.250, 47th on BB (12.900) and 40th on floor (13.475).

HANNAH CLOWES: Vault, bars and beam: It's one of those occasions where I love this girls style and technique. At the 2008 Europeans she scored a 14.225 on floor. At the 2007 World Championships Hannah was 52nd AA (55.100), 110th on BB (13.325), 49th on FX (13.825), and 86th UB (13.625). Not competing
KAYLEIGH COOKE: Balance Beam and Floor. I watched her floor from the GB v CZE meet in March and I sort of really liked it. She did have a few little mistakes but won the gold on floor and beam at that meet and will value from the exposure and competition.
MARISSA KING: Vault and floor. This girl is one of my favourite gymnasts and is a very powerful worker. She was 1st on vault at the 2007 Glasgow World Cup and that is where we can really see that power in action. At the 2008 Europeans she was 55th AA (3 events) and was 14th on vault (14.475); 19th BB (14.450) and on FX was 34th with 13.700.
IMOGEN CAIRNS: Returning from injury. I am very happy to see this young lady in the line-up! At the 2006 Commonwealth Games she was 4th AA and won the Gold medal in the vault event final. Her first World Championships in Melbourne 2005 she qualified for the vault final and was 8th in the final - the first British woman to qualify for a Vault final.

All 4 events: Dorina is one of my favourites from Hungary and I am glad that she was one of the individual qualifiers for the Olympics. Her beam routine from Euros was amazing! She was 17th AA (53.300), 70th on VT (12.500); 31st UB (13.175); 28th on BB with a 14.000 and 36th on floor (13.625). She was also 4th on vault at the 2008 Doha World Cup held earlier this year.
LAURA GOMBAS: Bars, beam and floor. 67th at the 2008 Euros (3 events and a score of 37.525) placing 55th on bars (11.675), 55th on beam (12.375) and 41st on floor with a 12.475. At the Maribor World Cup in 2006 she was 1st on floor, 2nd on vault and 6th on bars.
ENIKO KORCSMAROS: Vault: Only competing on her best event, Eniko has had success in all of the World Cup events that she has attended. Last year she was 5th at the Maribor event, 7th in Cottbus, 2nd in Glasgow and 5th in Stuttgart and this year she was 5th at the Doha World Cup event. At the 2008 Euros, Eniko was 65th AA (38.825), 15th VT (14.450); 49th UB (12.150) and 59th on Beam with 12.225.

All 4 events. The girl with the AMAZING Def! Fighting for one of 2 spots on her countries Olympic squad. She was 10th on Uneven Bars at the World Championships last year with a score of 15.525.
HONG UN JONG: All 4 events. She finished fourth at the vault event final at Worlds last year with an average on 15.200 and was 23rd AA after qualifying to the final in 28th position due to the 2 per country rule was able to compete.

Vault, bars and beam: More commonly known as Katja El-Halabi former representative of Germany. She was 9th AA at the German National Championships in 2007 with a score of 52.650. She won 3 gold medals at the Pan-Arab Games last year and at this years Cottbus World Cup she qualified 15th on Vault (13.112), 13th on UB (13.500); and 38th on Beam (10.850)

All 4 events. Hoping to make her 2nd Olympics after having baby Lugano in May last year. Amazing woman and back in fantastic form. At the 20087 Euros Suzanne was 62nd AA (3 events for 40.575) with a 14.450 on vault (16th), a 11.475 on bars (56th) and a 14.650 on floor (12th). Her last World Cup appearance was in Lyon 2006 where she placed 6th on floor with a 13.350 and was tipped to compete at the 2006 Worlds in Aarhus but withdrew due to her pregnancy.
TAHNEE MASELA: All 4 events: The not quite 16 year old Tahnee is relatively unfamiliar to me. She has great floor music and is a very promising gymnast. At the 2007 Dutch National Championships she was 3rd AA behind Verona Van de Leur and Lichelle Wong with a 2 day combined score of 113.575, and was 1st on Uneven Bars, 4th on Beam and 2nd on floor.

All 4 events. Firstly I love her floor music and if anyone is familiar with it please let me know!! At the European Championships Joanna only competed on Vault (13.800/33rd) and Bars (13.075/34th) therefore only coming 84th in the AA qualification with a 26.875. At the Jesolo meet POL v USA v ESP v ITA she was 13th AA with a 50.700.
MARTA PIHAN: All 4 events. Great practice for Marta on her way to Beijing as an individual qualifier! I love her floor routine to the ever popular Assassin's Tango and she is very classy and technical. At the 2008 Euros Marta qualified 8th in the AA with a 56.425! She was 38th on vault (13.675), 21st on bars with a 14.100, 12th on beam with a 14.825 and 33rd on floor with a 13.825.

Vault and floor: Turning 17 in October I do hope we see more from this girl! At Euros this year Zoi was 33th AA in the qualification, scoring 49.850. Zoi was 62nd on Vault (12.825); 53rd on UB (11.925); 63rd on Beam (12.175) and 51st on floor (12.925).

ROMANIA- REPORTED TO HAVE CANCELLED. GABRIELA DRAGOI - Bars, beam, floor: First year senior, I am sure we can expect a lot from her. She was the replacement for Patrascu in the team final at Euros 2008 scoring 14.225 on vault and 14.600 on bars.
DANIELA DRUNCEA - All 4 events: One of my many favourite current Romanian gymnasts. I do hope she's on the team for the Olympics. At last year's World Championships Dana was 159th AA (2 events), 17th on floor (14.475) and 60th on uneven bars (14.175). She was 3rd on floor with a 13.625 at the 2007 Glasgow World Cup.
CERASELA PATRASCU - None listed - was injured at Euros therefore possibly withdrawn. Before tearing her meniscus at the 2008 Euros she qualified 11th on vault (14.650) and a 14.475 on uneven bars earning 17th place. In Stuttgart for the 2007 World Championships Cerasela scored a 14.225 on bars and 14.875 on beam.
Vault: Unknown
SAŠA GOLOB - Uneven Bars and Floor: Sasa competed in her first World Championships last year and scored a 9.650 on bars. I must say that I loved her floor music from 2005 when she was a Junior. She was 29th AA at the 2008 Euros and scored a reasonable 50.375. She was 50th on vault (13.250); 50th on bars (12.100); 60th on beam (12.200) and 53rd on floor with a 12.825.
CARMEN HORVAT - Vault and Beam: Carmen was in the finals of these two apparatus at the 2006 Maribor World Cup where she placed 7th on both. At the 2007 Worlds Horvat placed 128th AA (48.075); 96th on beam (13.525); 144th on FX (12.300); 186th Uneven Bars (9.025) and 23rd on vault (13.137).
ADELA ŠAJN - Balance Beam and Floor: I have a confession to make - she is one of my most favourite current gymnasts. She is an elegant and stylish worker and I cannot wait to see more from her. At the recent Cottbus World Cup Adela was 5th on Beam with a 15.075, and was also 5th at Doha with a 14.625. At the 2008 Euros Sajn was 16th on beam - the only apparatus which she contested with a score of 14.625. Adela is one of the 4 reserves for the Olympics.

Vault, Bars and Beam: The almost 22 year old competed 2 events at the 2008 Euros Danielle qualified 29th on vault with a 13.925 and was 54th on bars with an 11.700. At the 2007 Stuttgart World Championships Englert was 22nd on bars (14.95), 75th on floor (13.375), 133rd on balance beam (12.925) and 55th AA (54.600).
LUCIA TACCHELLI: Uneven Bars: Fifteen year old Lucia made her World Championships debut last year and was 171st AA with a total of 41.625, and a 13.150 on floor (84th), and 37th on Uneven Bars (14.675).
YASMIN ZIMMERMAN: Beam and Floor: Zimmerman's first international event was in 2004. At the 2007 World Championships Yasmin was 80th AA (52.200), 177th on BB (13.175), 105th on FX (12.825) and 124th on UB with a 12.525. At the recent European Championships Yasmin was 23rd AA (52.00); 41st on VT (13.625); 57th on UB with a 11.450; 37th on BB (13.300) and with a 13.625 was 35th on floor. At the recent Cottbus World Cup after qualifying in 7th place to the floor event final, Yasmin finished 5th with a 14.150.

Vault, Beam and Floor: 18 year old Natalia only competed on 2 events at the recent European Championships. She scored a 12.150 on vault (79th place) and a 11.250 on beam for 78th. At the Stuttgart World Championships Natalia was 100th AA (50.350), 97th on beam (13.525), 159th on floor (12.050), 167th on uneven bars (10.950) and 18th on vault (13.487). At the Ostrava World Cup last year Natalia was equal first on vault tying with Joanna Litewka with a score of 13.675.

All 4 events: A member of the Swedish team at the Athens Olympics, Veronica qualified for the 2008 Olympics as an individual competitor. At the 2008 Euros Veronica was 12th AA (55.200), 43rd on vault (13.600), 35th on bars (13.050), 20th on beam (14.450)and 24th on floor with a 14.100. She had a number of successes at World Cup events last year: in Maribor she was 2nd on vault (13.900) and was 7th on beam (13.200) and then in Buenos Aires she won the gold medal on beam (14.800) and on vault (14.225) as well as a bronze on floor (13.800).

Vault and Bars: Maryna was 3rd on vault at the 2007 Glasgow World Cup with a 13.825. Maryna was a member of the 5th place Ukrainian squad at the 2006 World Championships in Aarhus and was 154th AA (42.350), 20th on floor (14.600), 46th on bars (14.150) and 19th on vault with 13.875.
OLGA KOZICH: Bars, Beam and floor: The younger sister of Alina, was 6th on uneven bars (12.000) and 1st on floor exercise (13.750) at the 2007 Ostrava World Cup.
Vault, Beam and Floor: Maryna was 5th on vault at the 2007 Glasgow World Cup with a score of 13.737. At the 2006 Stella Zakharova Cup Sergiyenko was equal 5th AA (56.850), 2nd on vault (14.175) and 2nd on Balance beam with a 14.950.

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