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10:59 PM

Miss Olivia Vivian has been featured in an interview/article on International Gymnast online. It delves a little into her history in gymnastics, then it gets to what I think are the interesting bits: Peggy mentioning the idea early last year - very encouraging to hear this. Now I have no qualms with Peggy and I think she does a fine job and to hear that she mentioned this as an opinion is fantastic because firstly I would love to see some more Aussies successful at NCAA level and I think it would be great for Olivia. I really do believe that an Australian version of the NCAA gymnastics would be a grand idea. I mean we have an opportunity to compete in intervarsity sports (cheerleading included) and I know Edith Cowan University has fencing, football etc clubs - so why not a gymnastics club?? I am sure a lot of the newly retired or former gymnasts would love to compete in a friendly bit of competition!!

Wow Olivia was lucky - the last scholarship remaining! She talks about the coaches at OSU and the application process, which to me is always interesting to read! I personally can relate to what she is saying about the SAT... my friend sat it and was quite successful with it, but I'm not sure how I would feel about sitting something so terribly different, but then again I guess we have our TEE to consider.

And then on to the inevitable preparation for Beijing part

"Preparations are going well. I am focused on taking each day as it comes and making every training session count. Training for the Games is really exciting, and I hope to be at my best for the first cut in May, and then on the day of the final trials in June."
Go Olivia, I am still undecided about if we have a place in the team for her - but good luck and may we see her in Beijing.

On to Peggy's questions and she spoke really highly of this girl - the survivor, little miss experienced and a very helpful young lady. "
I am counting on Olivia continuing to represent Australia internationally as she pursues her degree at OSU." - Yay so I guess we will be hearing about and seeing more of Miss Vivian? She is very classy and a stylish bars worker.

The news that "
We have been watching the Australian team for a few years" is a pretty good indication that perhaps we will see some more of our Aussies competing for OSU in the future! How exciting! See the rest of the article HERE.

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