Do you subscribe to Summer Games Plus and Athleres Going for Gold and Riches in Beijing

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So Colombia has already chosen the flag bearer for the Olympics - cyclist Maria Luisa Calle who won bronze at the 2004 Athens Olympics. And if you happen to be a subscriber to Summer Games Plus and are a fan of one Mr. Blaine Wilson - then this next bit is just for you:

MONDAY, MAY 19 OLYGYM-ONE LAST TIME UNDATED -- Blaine Wilson, the three-time Olympian and longtime face of USA Gymnastics, retired after 2004 and moved to California to be with his wife and little girl. When his marriage broke up, he returned to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and decided to make a run at his fourth Olympics -- at age 34. By National Writer Nancy Armour. AP Photos. AP Video. See here for more details.

Athletes going for gold and riches in Beijing

Now I know this really has nothing much to do with gymnastics, however the picture (they could have chosen a better one?) relates directly! See below! The article, which you can find at this link, talks about the sponsorships that will no doubt arise from their performances at the Beijing Olympics. It talks about how the individual winners and competitors are the main focus of this attention - point in case I guess you can consider Ian Thorpe and the accidental heroes Steven Bradbury and they mention Sydney Olympics tae kwon do gold medallist Lauren Burns. Elite Sports Properties Chief Executive Mr. Woodhouse then goes on to say:

He said some competitors in the so-called minor events, such as Wu in diving and gymnast Daria Joura, were loved by the public, but "need to medal'' if they were to cut through.

I'm probably not the only one who doesn't agree with this? Firstly, I would not call Gymnastics a minor event, we do have a substantial fan base and supporters, however if we are referring to an Australian context then it can be considered a minor-event as it doesn't have the HUGE fan base as in the United States or China to name a couple of well-backed countries. Secondly, I believe that both Melissa and Dasha are able to "cut through" without earning that elusive medal. I mean hello I will still love both girls regardless of what happens and I mean seriously, sponsorship does not equal support, although it does mean exposure - every knows who Shawn Johnson is regardless if they follow Gymnastics or not, do you think that most people take the time to associate with the others who compete in the field? I know my friends do - only because I would disown them if they didn't, but yeah I guess, exposure is good but favouritism and commercialism is not.

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