Junior and Senior Team and Day 1 AA Results

11:11 PM

I should have mentioned in the last post. My name is Keisha and I will taking over from MissChim just temporarily while she is gathering some first hand info at the Aust Champs.I used to compete and train alongside M.C. (Miss Chim) as I often call her and she is fantastic! Anyways... now that we have established my credentials, well some of anyways, I am actually a uni student studying sports science here in good old W.A. and loving it.

RESULTS are up on GA:
Senior Team:
1st- VIC - Vault (44.900); Bars (44.600); Beam (44.550) and Floor (44.000) TOTAL- 178.050
2nd - WA - Vault (42.750); UB (42.500); Beam (44.775) and Floor (43.950) TOTAL- 173.975
(well done to the Victorian team winning both the senior and junior team titles - mind you only a Vic team in the junior division. Does anybody remember the days of combined Junior/Senior team scores? So many more teams on the podium. Woe the days of retirement)

I must admit that I am really really unfamiliar with the majority of the junior girls, however W.A.'s Emily Little is currently on top of the AA leader board after day 1 with a score of 54.400 over Victorian Britt Greeley (53.250) and Queenslander Chantelle Turnbull who scored 51.300. The full list of the Scores from Day 1 for the Juniors can be found here. This is what I sort-of expected, although I did think Britt would be in the lead, I'm not quite sure why though - Emily is such a beautiful gymnast.

Day 1 AA - Daria had an awesome day - breaking 61 (with a 61.600)!! In the 15s on all apparatus hurray! She's definitely out to impress. Second today was Shona with a 60.400, in 3rd is Ash with a 59.450, 4th is Emma Dennis with a total of 58.200. Poor Lauren had quite a bad afternoon and is currently 5th with an AA total of 57.150 - I am told she had a horrid time on bars. In 6th is Miss Bonora (yay!) with 56.800 followed by Olivia Vivian who scored 55.225. Amber Fulljames (54.200), Melanie Jones (53.900), Yves Berryman (51.675), Fiona Coley (50.200) and Larissa Miller (50.000) to round out the girls who competed AA today. Victoria Williams, Naomi Russell and Chloe Turko all only competed Bars.

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