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It's almost the end of semester for me at uni and have I ever been busy. However the gymnastics world and the media have essentially been working overtime!

Here's a favourite gymnast of mine in this article - Miss Darling Hill. Read it here. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Monique Cowan is not in the running for the Beijing Olympics. She made the Shadow team, and missed out by only a few points. She is training for the national Level 10 titles and is back at the Barron Valley Gymnastics Club where she'll train and coach. Check it out and I'm still quite disturbed that they have photographed her with a men's apparatus.

Miss Emma Dennis has been featured in her own article here. She's slowly growing on me.

The Houston Chronicle has a short little piece online here, reminding us that the VISA Champs is this week - already?? Mainly focuses on the Men's side of things.

How lucky are these gymnasts in Martinsville - getting to be part of a training camp with Svetlana Boguinskaya. Check out the story and pictures here!

Grace Taylor went home to her old gym in Aiken as a judge for the AIGY May recital Saturday. You can read more about this in the article. Aww to Grace having invited her old coach Kritz to the NCAA Championship and here's a little snippet - about the impending end to her gymnastics career:
"It's really given the little girls of Aiken a lot of confidence and a lot of discipline to go out and be successful at whatever else they do ... which is important, because sports end."
A sobering truth from someone who's enjoyed large success as a gymnast. Yet Taylor, a psychology major with a minor in Spanish, has her eyes set on post-graduate studies and life after gymnastics.
Well, not yet. Taylor has two more years to help add to the Georgia Gymdogs' dynasty.
"16 years, and I have two left," Taylor said. "I want to go out with a smile on my face and live up these last two years."

This is from the Daily Mail
BRITAIN'S aim of finishing fourth in the London 2012 medals table looks slightly less fanciful after a week in which young athletes have excelled. Aaron Cook, 17, will be named on Tuesday as one of three Britons competing in taekwondo in Beijing this year, but he underlined his potential by becoming the first British male to win the World Junior Championships. History was also made at the Junior European Gymnastics Championships where Britain's boys claimed the nation's first team title at any level, with Daniel Keatings,18, and Daniel Purvis,15, the stars.

You can read a little more about Daniel Keating's path to the Olympics on the Evening Telgraph.

Ad Age
briefly talks about the Olympic Blitz of which Miss Shawn Johnson is starring in - is there anything this girl doesn't do??

Mitch Gaylord - have a look at what he looks like NOW. Part of a series of then and now I think.

The Beijing Countdown 2oo8 on Yahoo! UK has an article considering the 3 main contenders for GBR. Read this to see who they refer to.

An interview and article on Dominique Dawes' motivational speaking can be found at this link. Kudos to her for not letting her gymnastics define her.

the Olympic sequence Draws were held at the conclusion of the 2008 Tianjin World Cup. Here's what the Chinese men coach has to say about the draw here and find out why the Chinese Women's coach is unhappy at this link.

There was an article on Shawn in the Des Moines register on the 8th of May and this was captured by the Register pertaining to the same time I am guessing and uploaded by a greatful Youtube user. Thanks. Check it out here.

I found this report on two of Russia's hopefuls Ksenia Semonova and Yulia Lozhecko when I was searching Youtube check out the video. I do hope these two are part of the squad.

Learn about mining for gold at the Karolyi's ranch in this L.A. Times article.

A change of pace now and on to another gymnastics discipline - Sports Aerobics. Now I don't know overly much about it. But here is an article on Martin Warren, Australia's newest World Champ - kudos to him, I recall seeing his routine at some stage year and thought he was good.

The Chinese gymnasts donated 1 million yuan to quake victims. There is a short little article here, however International Gymnast has a somewhat better report on it.

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