News aplenty.

3:25 AM

Now there is a bit of news around but I thought I would pick five particular ones to report on for you all. I'll start with this one here an article from the Hartlepool Mail, which is all about a young girl named Bethanie who came second in the pairs section at the Acrogymnastics British Championships. Has anyone actually heard of Acrogymnastics before? It is quite a spectacle to watch and I am looking forward to attending our Australian championships towards the end of the year to see what they can do. I have only been really seriously into this discipline over the last couple of years so am still learning all that I can about it. It's great to see something other than Artistic and Rhythmic gymnastics being given coverage.

Two articles have emerged amongst others looking at the Utah Utes and the fact that alternates had to compete last week and how they rose to the challenge. The article from the Salt Lake Tribune, looks at the fact that coach Greg Marsden really doesn't believe in red-shirting athletes that often even though that is what has happened to Cortni Beers this season. The other article from the Deseret News has a little feature on Mackie's new motivation and another on the young blood that boosted the side when they needed them.

There's another feature from the online Chester Chronicle the highlights of the article are that she resumes full training next week in preparation for not only the British Champs but also the Glasgow Grand Prix.

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