Look Familiar?

10:52 PM

I was looking at Getty Images, as I do every so often and I have to admit that I have not visited the site in quite some time and got to looking at the photos from the NHK Cup held in Japan a couple of weeks ago and it hit me that a couple of the girls have some familiar looking leotards that I am sure you have seen before. I would love to hear from you if you have seen other gymnasts wearing similiar leotards. Imagine if they faux pas at a competition, stepping out onto the floor with the same leotard, be a kind of ooops.

Natsumi Sasada recreates the look of.....
the French National team. Pictured here is the current French starlet Youna Dufournet from the European Championships.


It may not have the fancy embroidering type thing, and is a little less bright, but Yoshino Taniguchi's leotard:
looks a lot like the one Slovakia wore at the World Championships last year (photo is of Ivana Kovakova):


Although it is not quite the same, it's shorter, the design is a bit bigger in my opinion, although my eyesight may not be that good but it's got that kind of similiarity. Yuko Shintake's:

looks like a similar one to USA's superstar Nastia Liukin wore at the 2007 Visa Championships.

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