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Namibia's Kimberly-Ann van Zyl looked absolutely stunning in the above leotard.
Photo from Getty Images.

Northern Ireland's Charlotte McKenna looked lovely in her leotard as did compatriot Seriena Johnrose. Photo courtesy Getty Images

South Africa's Jennifer Khwela rocked the leo that she and her team mate Ashleigh Heldsinger wore. Image from Getty Images.

Sri Lankan Amindha Dilini Rathnayake competes on floor. It's a pretty leotard, not my favourite however, but it is a lovely, bright and happy colour. Photo courtesy of the Times of India online.

Cypriot Nikoletta Dimitriou only competed on the Uneven Bars but rocked what is my favourite leotard of the sessions. It's different and I love the colours and design. Image from ESPN UK.

Singapore's leotard choice was stunning. Photo from the Delhi CWG Official Website.

Malaysia's Farah Ann Abdul Hadi wears the gorgeous leotard of the country. My equal favourite! Photo from official CWG Delhi site.

Team England wore a really detailed and busy leotard, but it seemed to work.

Team Canada did the maple leaf proud. Dion, Klarenbach, Lemieux-Guillemette, May, Willis. Photo from Getty Images.

Amy Regan of Scotland performs on balance beam. Lovely leotard, not sure about the red in it however.

Team New Zealand's plain black leotard with white diamantes was was one of my favourites. Photo from Getty Images. Holly Moon, Briana Mitchell and Jordan Rae.

Ashleigh Brennan like her team mates had a disasterous time on balance beam. But the girls looked stlylish in the green and gold. Photo: Perthnow Online

Smiles all round for the team gold medallists. Photo from Perthnow Online

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  1. that's hilarious! I just did a post too on my favourite leotards from the CWG too!