2011 Triple Flip Wild Rose Invitational

4:55 PM

Katie Wurth of QAS will be making her International debut. Image from Gymnastics QLD taken at 2010 National Clubs

This tournament is an annual competition held for the Women's Artistic Gymnastics participants at the Edmonton Expo Centre. There are some big names set to compete at this year's which will be held from the 24th to the 27th of March. Last year's international contingent was bigger but we will still see gymnasts from China, and Australia and those from the International Senior squad of Canada. The Sessions for the International Cup sessions are as follows: Saturday the 26th Competition starts at 1.20pm Edmonton local time. With the apparatus finals taking place on the Sunday at 2.10pm with the Juniors starting on Uneven Bars and the Seniors on the Vault.


  • Britt Greeley (AUS)

  • Emily Little (AUS)

  • Georgia Rose Brown (AUS)

  • Katie Wurth (AUS)

  • Tierra Exum (AUS)

  • Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto (CAN)

  • Dominique Pegg (CAN)

  • Jessica Savona (CAN)

  • Kristin Klarenbach (CAN)

  • Mikaela Gerber (CAN)

  • Sabrina Gill (CAN)

  • Miranda Meyer (Champions Gymnastics, AB)

  • HUANG Huidan (CHN)

  • JIANG Yuyuan (CHN)

  • SHANG Chunsong (CHN)

  • Taylor Ricci (Flicka Gymnastics, BC)

  • Dominique Nadeau (Gym-Action, QC)

  • Bianca Jordaan (Oakville Antoinettes, ON)

  • Krishna Yemani (Oakville Antoinettes, ON)

  • Silvia Colussi-Peleaz (Oakville Antoinettes, ON)

  • Sarah Flett (Springers Gymnastics, MB)


  • Elise Bolger (CAN)

  • Jordyn Pedersen (CAN)

  • Maegan Chant (CAN)

  • Natalie Vaculik (CAN)

  • Rose-Kalam Woo (CAN)

  • Brielle Wilchuck (Capital City Gymnastics, AB)

  • Marisa Dick (Capital City Gymnastics, AB)

  • Rachel Sherrington (Capital City Gymnastics, AB)

  • Casey Carvalho (Futures Gymnastics, ON)

  • Hailee Westney (Futures Gymnastics, ON)

  • Kaitlyn Hofland (Futures Gymnastics, ON)

  • Victoria-Kayen Woo (Gym-Richelieu, QC)

  • Makinli Handley (Okanagan Gymnastics, BC)

  • Emily Blackner (Panthers Gymnastics, MB)

  • Stefanie Merkle (Revolution Gymnastics, ON)

  • Tegan Turner (Springers Gymnastics, MB)

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