Day 1 Event Finals

8:50 PM

Three gymnasts qualified to the 2012 London Olympics based on their performances today. These are Vietnam's Thi Ha Thanh Phan for the women. And for the men, the following gymnasts qualified for 2012 - Israel's Alexander Shatilov and Hungarian Pommel Horse star Krisztian Berki. What a serious looking line up for the vault final..... nice to see American McKayla Maroney and German Oksana Chusovitina smiling! The USA Men (John Orozco, Danell Leyva and Chris Brooks) looked more excited at Maroney's win.

1. MCKAYLA MARONEY (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (15.800, 14.800) 15.300. One of my favourite leotards from Worlds this year! Superb 2.5 twist yurchenko. Just a small step on the landing. Shot of Anna Li, Sabrina Vega and Aly Raisman. Superb Lopez as her second vault! Another shot of the USA Girlies cheering madly! You girls are the cutest! McKayla is so calm and composed!

2. OKSANA CHUSOVITINA (GERMANY) (15.066, 14.400) 14.733. I still like this German leotard. Handspring Rudi - large step back and legs split apart on the landing. Lovely Tsuk 1.5 only fault a step on the landing. Lovely to see Chuso win yet another vault medal!! The crowd loves this lady! The German contingent looks happy! Her coaches look happy! And it is lovely to see Phan and McKayla clapped Oksana.

3. PHAN THI HA THAN (VIETNAM) (14.600, 14.733) 14.666. Very bright leotard, looks similar to one of the Austrian leotards. A little messy in the air but apart from that a lovely vault! Beautiful second vault as well.. Only fault was a step on the landing and ever so slight leg separation in the air. Aww so happy for Phan and her coaches. Cross over to Jade who is still in pain and being attended to.

4. JADE FERNANDES BARBOSA (BRAZIL) (14.866, 14.266) 14.566. Aww lovely smile as she is saluting. Lovely to see her back in a vault final. Fantastic first vault! Just bent knees and a tiny step on the landing. Great second vault in the air, landed and stepped back awkwardly on her foot. Poor Jade :( On another note, what a lovely gymnastics community we have.. is that the Mexican coach who went over to offer assistance?

5. GIULIA STEINGRUBER (SWITZERLAND) (14.900, 14.000) 14.450. I love this leotard - simple but pretty. I actually almost didn't recognise Giulia - she looks heaps older! Handspring rudi - large step on the landing. Tsuk 1/1 - lovely vault, just a step on the landing. Aww a nice congratulatory handshake/low five from Shanna Poljakova (Oksana Chusovitina's personal coach).

6. TATIANA NABIEVA (RUSSIA) (14.566, 14.133) 14.349. What a striking colored leotard! Quite a huge step on the landing of her first vault. How easy does Tatiana make that second vault look? What an incredibly focused young lady.

7. ALEXA CITLALI MORENO MEDINA (MEXICO) (14.733, 13.700) 14.216. Absolutely stunning leotard. Lovely smile after her first vault. Bounced on the landing, with one foot stepping outside. Nice form in the air. Aww I love this girl! So much power in the run up and on the landing. Step out the side by one foot. Always smiling and laughing :)

8. YAMILET PENA ABREU (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) (13.900, 0.000) 6.950. I really like this leotard, nice and shiny. Lovely smile on the saluting. Nice to see the gymnasts focused but happy! Superb first vault. Just a step forward on the landing. Next up, the vault everyone has been talking about - the roche. Going wonderfully until she lands on her back. Gets up, smiles and walks off, disappointed but just shrugs her shoulders and smiles. Hi-fives for her coach. Love this girl! Bring on Pan Ams!                

1. VICTORIA KOMOVA (RUSSIA) (D: 6.7) 15.500. Fantastic routine. No major mistakes - just a step to the side on her double tuck dismount. I was not too keen on this leotard when I first saw it, however after watching the coverage, it is not too bad.

2. TATIANA NABIEVA (RUSSIA) (D: 6.6) 15.000. Lovely routine from Nabs. Nice smile after her routine. A few bobbles but a nice effort. Aww lovely squeals and hugs from the number 1 and 2 on this apparatus.

3. HUANG QIUSHUANG (CHINA) (D: 6.7) 14.833. Oh Huang. This leotard is way too busy for my liking. It's pretty though! Lovely routine. Nice double straight dismount, but not entirely sure about the hip dance to keep her feet still on the landing.

4. JORDYN WIEBER (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (D: 6.3) 14.500. Fantastic routine! A little labored but well done Jordyn! The American contingent looks happy! Hugs from John Geddert and Gabby Douglas. Chow looks very pleased!! 

5. GABRIELLE DOUGLAS (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (D: 6.3) 14.200 / ASUKA TERAMOTO (JAPAN) (D: 6.3) 14.200. Gabrielle Douglas - leotard looks better in video. Lovely shade of purple with silver shoulder detailing. Liang Chow still looks the same calm, cool and collected coach as he did in 2007/2008. Wonderful routine until she clipped her feet on the low bar after her tkatchev and ended up doing a kip before her pak. Her full twisting double was rather low and long. She looks a little dejected after coming off the podium. Is greeted by Wieber... such comradeship from the American girls. Asuka Teramoto - Nice routine from Asuka. Just a hop on the double front dismount and bent arms on the pike stalder. Lovely shot of the Japanese team after Asuka's routine. She stops to wish good luck to Koko. 

6. N/A

7. KOKO TSURUMI (JAPAN) (D: 6.4) 14.066. What a determined young lady. I honestly thought she was going to count a fall after she came unstuck on her bi 1/2. Fought hard. Huge claps from her team mates. Her and her coach both look happy! 

8. YOUNA DUFOURNET (FRANCE) (D: 6.3) 12.641. Stunning leotard, although I am not really a fan of the sleeveless leotards. Poor Youna counted a fall on her release and clipped the low bar. Step on the double straight dismount. Her coach is not impressed. Oh Youna big hug from her team mate. 

  1. Kohei Uchimura (JPN) (D: 6.7) 15.633
  2. ZOU Kai (CHN) (D: 6.9) 15.500
  3. Diego Hypolito (BRA) (D: 6.8)/Alexander Shatilov (ISR) (D: 6.7) 15.466

  4. Steven Legendre (USA) (D: 6.8) 15.400
  5. Flavius Koczi (ROU) (D: 6.7)/Enrique Tomas Gonzalez Sepulveda (CHI) (D: 6.5) 15.333

  6. Jacob Dalton (USA) (D: 6.6) 15.133
  1. Krisztian Berki (HUN) (D: 6.7) 15.833
  2. Cyril Tommasone (FRA) (D: 6.5) 15.266
  3. Louis Smith (GBR) (D: 7.0) 15.066
  4. Vid Hidvegi (HUN) (D: 6.4) 15.000
  5. Kohei Uchimura (JPN) (D: 6.7) 14.533
  6. Prashanth Sellathurai (AUS) (D: 6.6) 14.333
  7. Saso Bertoncelj (SLO) (D: 6.5) / TENG Haibin (CHN) (D: 6.6) 14.266

  1. CHEN Yibing (CHN) (D: 6.8) 15.800
  2. Arthur Nabarette Zanetti (BRA) (D: 6.5) 15.600
  3. Koji Yamamuro (JPN) (D: 6.7) 15.500
  4. Matteo Morandi (ITA) (D: 6.8) 15.200
  5. Lambertus Van Gelder (NED) (D: 6.8) 14.666
  6. Kohei Uchimura (JPN) (D: 6.4) 14.633
  7. Jonathan Horton (USA) (D: 6.1) 14.300
  8. Regulo Carmona (VEN) (D: 6.7) 14.266

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