Event Finals Day 2

9:27 PM

Wow what a day of finals. Congratulations must go to all gymnasts, especially Mr. Danell Leyva, the new Parallel Bars World Champion and his coach Yin Alvarez! Also a special shout out to Danell's American compatriot Alexandra Raisman who won the bronze medal on floor behind a very deserving Russian, Ksenia Afanasyeva and China's SUI Lu who won gold and silver respectively. Also a big wow to Korean Yang Hak Seon who took out the men's vault title by landing his difficult Handspring triple twisting layout front! The second day of competition did not come without a number of withdrawals - Romanian Marian Dragulescu who withdrew from the floor final yesterday, was replaced in the vault final by Russian Denis Ablyazin. Earlier this week Romanian Diana Laura Bulimar became injured and it was revealed that 2010 Floor World Champion, Lauren Mitchell of Australia would replace her. Italian Vanessa Ferrari injured her ankle during training before the final and then was replaced by Romanian Diana Maria Chelaru and after the balance beam final, it was revealed that Russian Viktoria Komova had stepped down, allowing her compatriot Ksenia Afanasyeva to compete. Great decision by the Russians!

1. SUI LU (CHINA) (D: 6.6) 15.866. Freaking awesome performance!

2. YAO JINNAN (CHINA) (D: 6.3) 15.233. Fantastic routine! Just a step on the dismount and one tiny bobble.

3. JORDYN WIEBER (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (D: 6.2) 15.133. Wonderful routine! Just had a little bobble on the side somi. Nice 2.5 twist dismount.

4. ALEXANDRA RAISMAN (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (D: 6.4) 15.066. Superb routine!!!! Mihai's smiling!

5. ELENA AMELIA RACEA (ROU) (D: 5.9) 14.533. 2.5 twist dismount with a step. A number of bobbles and a nice save.

6. YULIA INSHINA (RUSSIA) (D:5.7) 14.525. She is tiny! Solid routine, a little hesitation on some of her acrobatic skills. Step on double pike dismount.

7. CATALINA PONOR (ROMANIA) (D: 5.7) 14.241. Unfortunately I could not find an image of Ponor on daylife.com. Wore a predominately black leotard with silver diamantes on the sleeve and lining separating parts of the leotard with parts on the front and sides and a bit on the back which are dark purple. Lovely full twisting double back dismount. She looked really shaky throughout this routine. Wow apparently word is that she's planning on training bars again and doing the All Around.... AHHH Omg! Go Catalina!!

8. VIKTORIA KOMOVA (RUSSIA) (D: 5.9) 13.766. Repeat leotard offender! Maybe this would bring her luck? Off on her double spin. Quite a few wobbles in this performance. Nice double tuck dismount. Just a step. Poor Vika :(

1. KSENIA AFANASYEVA (RUSSIA) (D: 6.1) 15.133. ARGGHHHH She did it! Ksenia has finally put the ghosts behind her! Well done and boy did she look shocked when the score came up! I think her coaches looked more excited!

2. SUI LU (CHINA) (D: 6.1) 15.066. Lovely routine.

3. ALEXANDRA RAISMAN (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (D: 6.1) 15.000. SUPERB! And the crowd and Mihai go wild!

4. YAO JINNAN (CHINA) (D:6.0) 14.866. Lovely performance, but I am really not a fan of that music.

5. LAUREN MITCHELL (AUSTRALIA) (D: 6.3) 14.733. Poor Lauren. Missed some of the leaps in the the middle of the performance, so cleverly added them at the end. Got away with the change in routine.

6. JORDYN WIEBER (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (D: 6.0) 14.700. Just a few steps on the landings of most of her tumbling passes. Nothing too major. Great performance!

7. ELIZABETH TWEDDLE (GREAT BRITAIN) (D: 6.1) 14.500. Jump oob after the double arabian. Apart from that a good performance by Beth.

8. DIANA MARIA CHELARU (ROMANIA) (D: 5.8) 14.200. Deep in the landing on the double pike. But a great performance from the last minute replacement. Who only left the training gym a couple of people before she had to go.

  1. Yang Hak Seon (KOR) (16.866, 16.266) 16.566
  2. Anton Golotsutskov (RUS) (16.333, 16.400) 16.366
  3. Makoto Okiguchi (JPN) (16.300, 16.283) 16.291
  4. Thomas Bouhail (FRA) (16.666, 15.708) 16.187
  5. Denis Ablyazin (RUS) (16.333, 16.016) 16.174
  6. Dzmitry Kaspiarovich (BLR) (16.533, 15.633) 16.083
  7. Wai Hung Shek (HKG) (15.600, 16.300) 15.950
  8. Jeffrey Wammes (NED) (15.433, 15.933) 15.683
  1. Danell Leyva (USA) (D: 6.4) 15.633
  2. Vasileios Tsolakidis (GRE) (D: 6.5); ZHANG Chenglong (CHN) (D: 6.5) 15.533

  3. Kohei Uchimura (JPN) (D: 6.5) 15.500
  4. Yann Cucherat (FRA) (D: 6.4) 15.333
  5. Marius Berbecar (ROU) (D: 6.6) 15.266
  6. FENG Zhe (CHN) (D: 6.6) 15.200
  7. Kazuhito Tanaka (JPN) (D: 6.8) 15.166
  1. ZOU Kai (CHN) (D: 7.7) 16.441
  2. ZHANG Chenglong (CHN) (D: 7.6) 16.366
  3. Kohei Uchimura (JPN) (D: 7.3) 16.333
  4. Fabian Hambuechen (GER) (D: 7.5) 16.233
  5. Epke Zonderland (NED) (D: 7.4) 14.833
  6. Yusuke Tanaka (JPN) (D: 7.0) 14.700
  7. Philipp Boy (GER) (D: 7.0) 14.300
  8. John Orozco (USA) (D: 5.9) 14.133

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