2011 Swiss Cup

5:40 AM

Image from the Swiss Cup website of 2010 Winners Fabian Hambuechen and Elisabeth Seitz. Can they do it again?

Four days after the conclusion of the Arthur Gander Memorial in Morges (the 6th November), most of the participants will head to Zurich to compete at the 2011 Swiss Cup. The event will be taking place at the Hallstadion and I am sure that last year's champions, the German pairing of Elisabeth Seitz and Fabian Hambuechen will be looking to repeat their success. This competition features a pre-round, half-final and final round to determine the winning pairing. The gymnasts from each team will compete one after the other and receive their team score based on the individual scores. The events that the gymnasts compete on are chosen by the gymnasts, within certain constraints. In the final round, the four team finalists will begin with a score of zero, with the team qualifying in fourth leading off and the champion team being that who scores the highest in the final round.
N.B. UPDATED 3/11/2011. 2nd team included from Germany and only one from Romania

  • Giulia Steingruber and Claudio Capelli
  • Jessica Diacci and Pascal Bucher
  • Elisabeth Seitz and Fabian Hambuechen
  • Kim Bui and Sebastian Krimmer
  • Elizabeth Beddoe and Ruslan Pantelemonov 
  • Jessica Helene Mattoni and Paolo Principi
  • Hyunjoo Jo and Hak Seon Yang
  • Ana Porgras and Flavius Koczi
  • Anna Dementyeva and Nikita Ignatyev
  • Angelina Kysla and Mykola Kuksenkov

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