70 Year Old Heads To Olympics

2:48 AM

(Image and Information courtesy of www.perthnow.com.au)

Not Gymnastics News, but it is London Olympics related. If I am not watching Synchronized Swimming, Diving or any of the Gymnastics events at the Olympics then I admire the Equestrian events. It's a no-brainer because I grew up around horses and still do! Anyways, Japanese Equestrian superstar Hiroshi Hoketsu has qualified to the London Olympics - at 70 years old. Hoketsu who is based in Germany will turn 71 on March 28th, and qualified by taking out an International dressage meet in France last Thursday (1st March). He competed for Japan at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and became the Oldest Japanese Olympian when he participated in the 2008 Olympics where he was 67 years old. Hiroshi also qualified for the 1988 Seoul Olympics but had to withdraw after his horse was quarantined. 

Hoketsu is not the oldest Olympian however, that title goes to Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn who won a silver medal at the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium at 72 years of age - his sixth medal in three Games. 

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