Sochi 2014 - Russian Wear

5:38 PM

Above is Russia's new sportswear for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. These were unveiled by The Voice of Russia. Personally I think these are way too busy, but then again I guess I am not used to them - they may grow on me. Svetlana Khorkina was one of the sportspeople invited to participate in the launch, and you can see what she said about the flannels below. 

A collection of sport wear “Sochi-2014” has shown in Moscow. This is one of the components of the Russia Olympic team’s flannels at the 22nd Olympic Games. The world famous Russian sportsmen, who have ended their career as well as those who will have to compete for medals in the forthcoming Games, took part in the presentation.
The new collection included flannels, jerseys and caps, and Russian sportsmen will wear them when they will stand on the podium or walking in Sochi. The sports wear is based on a cover of patchwork. The branded design consists of small pieces each of which is a fragment of a folk ornament. In short, the design of the new sports wear is a combination of world famous handicrafts such as Vologodsky lace, Gzhel, Khokhloma and designs of Pavlopasdsky shawls. In all, 28 national ornaments were used in sports wear. Each item of the Bosco collection is a colourful combination of sport and culture, says Olympic champion in skating, Svetlana Zhurova.
“I was asked how each Russian region takes part in the Olympic Games? It participates in this sports wear. Every small element on this ornament is one of the handicraft of a Russian region. This is how they take part in the Olympics. I am happy with this. Russia is large country and it is united in this sports wear and its ornament. Russia is a beautiful, large and strong country and this is seen on the sports wear. It is a warm and hospitable country. This sports wear shows this too, and it is a combination of sports and culture,” Svetlana Zhurova said.
The previous collection was released by Bosco in 2002. In them, Russian sportsmen took part in three winter Olympics and two summer Olympics. Now, it’s the time to replace them. Sportsmen are superstitious and are afraid to make changes, of course. At the same time, like all people they like to wear new things, especially if they can show off in them, says Russian bobsledder, Alexander Zubko, who will take part in the fifth Olympics in Sochi.
“We are happy when the sports wear is changed and colour is also changed because people will not get used to the colour grade. They should see work is going on. This will help to single out Russian sportsmen at high level competitions such as Olympic Games. Fans like this very much,” Alexander Zubkov said.
According to Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics, Svetlana Khorkina, the Olympic sports wear is not simply a costume. This reflects the mood of sportsmen and fans. Sportsman feels confident in a beautiful sports wear and wants to do his best to win, Khorkina said.

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