Bama Wins Sixth NCAA Team Title

4:54 PM

Image from AP Photo

Sarah Patterson and her Alabama Roll Tide team have a lot to celebrate! They won their sixth NCAA Championship Super Six Team Final, winning by 0.075 over the University of Florida, with the UCLA Bruins finishing a formidable third, and only 0.1 from the top. UCLA's Vanessa Zamarippa had the, what I feel was the shining moment of the day, scoring a perfect 10.000 for her Vault. Love, love, love her! Well done to all!

  1. University of Alabama 197.850
  2. University of Florida 197.775
  3. University of California - Los Angeles 197.750
  4. Stanford University 197.500
  5. University of Utah 197.375
  6. University of Arkansas 196.300

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