Ding takes out 2 NCAA Women's Event Finals

6:04 PM

Kat Ding with her 3rd place trophy from Vault, plus her trophies from winning the Bars and Floor. Image from AP Photo. 

Kat Ding of the University of Georgia triumphed on the Uneven Bars and Floor Exercise, whilst Florida's Kytra Hunter won the Vault title and Alabama's Geralen Stack-Eaton took out the Balance Beam title. Diandra Milliner of Alabama took the second place on the Vault. Stanford's Sami Shapiro and UCLA's Olivia Courtney rounded out the Uneven Bars places. And Oklahoma's Megan Ferguson and Arizona's Katie Matusik finished out the top three on the Balance Beam. Stack-Eaton and UCLA's Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs tied for the second place on the Floor Exercise. 

  1. Kytra Hunter (Florida) 9.8750
  2. Diandra Milliner (Alabama) 9.8250
  3. Kat Ding (Georgia) 9.8125
  4. Marissa Gutierrez (Alabama) 9.8063
  5. Marissa King (Florida) 9.7875
  6. Janelle Giblin (Nebraska) 9.7625
  7. Lindsey Cheek (Georgia), Rheagan Courville (LSU) 9.7313

  8. Kailah Delaney (Utah) 9.7000
  9. Georgia Dabritz (Utah) 8.7938
  1. Kat Ding (Georgia) 9.9875
  2. Sami Shapiro (Stanford) 9.9000
  3. Olivia Courtney (UCLA) 9.8875
  4. Brie Olson (Oklahoma) 9.8750
  5. Vanessa Zamarippa (UCLA) 9.8500
  6. Aisha Gerber (UCLA), Mackenzie Caquatto (Florida) 9.8250

  7. Alaina Johnson (Florida) 9.4875
  1. Geralen Stack-Eaton (Alabama) 9.9375
  2. Megan Ferguson (Oklahoma) 9.9250
  3. Katie Matusik (Arizona) 9.8875
  4. Ivana Hong (Stanford), Amanda Spinner (Stanford) 9.8750

  5. Katherine Grable (Arkansas) 9.8625
  6. Ashley Priess (Alabama), Samantha Peszek (UCLA), Sara Stone (Oklahoma) 9.8500

  7. Emily Wong (Nebraska) 9.8250
  8. Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs (UCLA) 9.7750
  9. Jaime Pisani (Arkansas) 9.6875
  1. Kat Ding (Georgia) 9.9500
  2. Geralen Stack-Eaton (Alabama), Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs (UCLA) 9.9375

  3. Kytra Hunter (Florida), Melanie Jones (OSU) 9.9250

  4. Vanessa Zamarippa (UCLA), Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska), Ashanee Dickerson (Florida) 9.9000

  5. Jaime Pisani (Arkansas), Megan Ferguson (Oklahoma) 9.8625

  6. Rachel Updike (Missouri) 8.4375
Alabama Gymnasts, such as Geralen Stack-Eaton wore this stunning leotard which has 4-27-11. This was the date that the deadly tornadoes ripped through Alabama, including in Tuscaloosa where the University of Alabama is located. Image from AP Photo. 

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