Joannides and Australian Acro Group Profiled

9:09 PM

Michaela Joannides (Image from Gymnastics WA)

Gymnastics Australia has profiled some of the gymnasts who will be in action at this year's Australian National Championships. In what I hope will become a weekly series on the website ( the article has interviews with Junior Rhythmic Gymnast Michaela Joannides of Western Australia and the Acrobatic Group consisting of New South Wales women Ingrid Dunkerley, Annelise Olsson and Melanie Byrne. Oh and a huge good luck to the Acrobatic Gymnasts who are headed to the World Championships this month. Amazing feat for three young women all who fit training and competitions around their different schedules - Melanie is a  year nine student, Annelise has just completed a Bachelor of Global Studies at the University of Technology Sydney, and Ingrid is a nurse at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. Make sure you check out the feature!! 

Image from Inner West Courier (Dunkerley in Middle, Byrne on Top and Olsson on Bottom)

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