Ebee Working Towards Olympics

4:58 PM

There has been a lovely article on first year Senior Elizabeth Price or Ebee as they call her. The article, by freelance journalist Paul Reinhard was published on The Morning Call and you can read it in full here. But for now, here is a sneak peak of the kinds of things in which you will read in the article and profile.

"She definitely has a chance," said Donna Strauss, co-founder of Parkettes Gymnastics. "She has to get in there and be aggressive and believe in herself. She is the new kid on the block who does not have a lot of the past experience to build on, so she has to make it happen right now."
"I'm looking forward to everything, but I don't let [the pressure] get in the way of staying focused on what I have to do to get there," said Price, who just moved up to the Senior Elite level this year and in all likelihood has this one chance at Olympic glory. She figures to be in college by the time the 2016 Games roll around.
A year ago, Price said she still had times when she doubted her ability to make some of her difficult routines. No more."I'm definitely getting over that now," she said, "because I've gone out there and seen how well I can do. I have all the confidence in myself that I need to get through this summer. I believe in myself all the way."

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