France Announces Olympic Teams

8:32 PM

At the conclusion of the French National Championships, which I plan to do an article on - so please keep your eyes peeled, the London Olympic Games contingent has been named. Congratulations to the following gymnasts:

  • RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS: Delphine Ledoux
  • TRAMPOLINE: Gregoire Pennes (Reserve: Sebastien Martiny)
  • WOMEN'S ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS: Marine Brevet, Youna Dufournet, Anne Kuhm, Aurelie Malaussena, Sophia Serseri, RESERVE: Valentine Sabatou
  • MEN'S ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS: Yann Cucherat, Hamilton Sabot, Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues, Gael Da Silva, Cyril Tommasone; RESERVE: Pierre-Yves Beny

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