Gymmin' Miel's Australian WAG Team

8:39 AM

In the wake of tomorrow's announcement by Gymnastics Australia of the Women's Olympic Squad, I would like to announce the 2012 Gymmin' Miel's Olympic Team. Based on the results from the poll conducted the last couple of weeks, I have compiled the results and what we've come up with is below.

Lauren Mitchell and Emily Little both received 93% of the votes, with Ashleigh Brennan receiving 75%. Mary Anne Monckton (56%) and Georgia Bonora (43%) round out the team. With our reserves being named out of Olivia Vivian, Larrissa Miller and Dasha Joura! 

Are we excited for tomorrow yet?? I think it's too close to call!

Lauren Mitchell (Image from Getty Images) 

Emily Little (Image from Getty Images)

Ashleigh Brennan (Image from Getty Images)

Mary Anne Monckton (Image from Getty Images)

Georgia Bonora (Image from Getty Images)

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