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I must say that I am yet to see a leotard that I do not like. What was your favorite from Qualifications??

Valeria Pereyra (ARGENTINA): Love the patterning and coloring of this leotard. One of my favorites! (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

Lauren Mitchell (AUSTRALIA): Stunning leotard, very classy. (Image courtesy of Reuters)

Barbara Gasser (AUSTRIA): Stunning leotard. (Image courtesy of Reuters).

Gaelle Mys (BELGIUM): The Belgium leotards have been very designs lately but this one is lovely... simple yet effective. (Image from AP Photo).

Nastassia Marachkouskaya (BELARUS): I hate sleeveless leotards but this one actually works. Great colors too. (Image courtesy of Getty Images).

Daiane dos Santos (BRAZIL): Dear Brazil, thanks for wearing such a stunning leotard! (Image courtesy of Reuters).

Ralitsa Mileva (BULGARIA): Lovely leotard and looks lovely sleeveless. (Image courtesy of Getty Images).

Victoria Moors (CANADA): Am loving this leotard!! It's unusual and effective. (Image from Reuters)

Simona Castro Lazo (CHILE): One of my favorites. Very classy and stylish. (Image courtesy of Getty Images).

HUANG Qiushuang (CHINA): I quite like this leotard, especially the patterning.

Jessica Gil Ortiz (COLOMBIA): My favorite leotard from qualification!! Fantastic design. (Image from Getty Images)

TINA ERCEG (CROATIA): Love this leotard. The patterning looks exquisite. (Image from Reuters)

Kristyna Palesova (CZECH REPUBLIC): Another stunning leotard from Palesova!! (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

Yamilet Pena Abreu (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC): Love the colors and the patterning. 

EGYPT: Sherine Ahmed El Zeiny (pictured, courtesy of and Salma Mahmoud El Said Mohamed. Very lovely leotard for the Egyptians!

Ana Maria Izurieta (SPAIN) - Love this leo. Spain's gotten all stylish on us. Nothing to fault with this one. It's got the Nation's colors on it and it's a full sleeved leotard!! (Image from Getty Images).

Annika Urvikko (FINLAND) - Gorgeous leo. Love the patterning on the front. (Image from AP Photo). 

Youna Dufournet (FRANCE): Something a little different from the French delegation... and it looks fantastic. Very smart looking. (Image from Getty Images).

Jennifer Pinches (GREAT BRITAIN): I was surprised to see them not wearing the Union Jack on their leotard. But I do so love this design. (Image from Reuters).

Kim Bui (GERMANY): Love this leotard. Great choice by the Germans. (Photo from Getty Images)

Vasiliki Millousi (GREECE): Love, love, love this leotard! (Image courtesy of AP Photo)

Ana Sofia Gomez Porras (GUATEMALA) - Love this leotard and the color scheme is fantastic. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Hiu Ying Angel Wong (HONG KONG): Lovely leotard and a nice color too! (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

Dorina Boczogo (HUNGARY): Love the black patterning and colors on the leotard. Very striking. (Photo from Getty Images).

Valeriia Maksyuta (ISRAEL): Another striking leotard from Valeriia. (Image courtesy of Reuters)

Vanessa Ferrari (ITALY): The Italian leotard designs keep going from strength to strength. Loving this one, extremely classy. (Photo from Reuters).

Asuka Teramoto (JAPAN): Huge fan of the Japanese leotards here in London! Very patriotic and unique. (Image from Getty Images).

Moldir Azimbay (KAZAKHSTAN): A lovely leotard but it looks a little strange without the longer sleeves. I don't know. It might just be me. (Image courtesy of AP Photo).

HEO Seon Mi (KOREA): Lovely leotard, and the amount of diamantes is effective on this particular leotard. (Image from Reuters).

Laura Svilpaite (LITHUANIA): So I cannot see the full detailing of this leotard, but it looks nice? (Image from Getty Images).

Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas (MEXICO): Stunning leotard! My equal favorite from qualification! (Photo from Reuters)

Celine Van Gerner (NETHERLANDS): I adore this leotard, it is quite unique and individualized. (Image courtesy of Getty Images)

Marta Pihan-Kulesza (POLAND): Love the leotard design and such striking colors. (Image courtesy of Reuters)

Zoi Mafalda Marques de Lima (PORTUGAL): Simple, and patriotic.. I like it. (Image courtesy of AP Photo)

Lorena Quinones Moreno (PUERTO RICO): Love the colors and design of this leo. Definite winner. Image from Getty Images.

Larisa Andreea Iordache (ROMANIA): Simple, patriotic, very stylish. (Photo from Getty Images).

Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUSSIA): Stylish leotard for the Russians! Very nice! (Image from Reuters)

Heem Wei Lim (SINGAPORE): Simply lovely leotard for Heem! (Image from Getty Images)

Sasa Golob (SLOVENIA): I actually love this leotard. It's different and that's why I like it so much I think. (Photo from Getty Images)

Giulia Steingruber (SWITZERLAND): Very patriotic leotard! (Image from AP Photo).

Maria Homolova (SLOVAKIA): From what I can see this leotard looks really stylish. (Image from Reuters)

Jonna Adlerteg (SWEDEN): Love this leotard, very plain and sleek. (Image from Getty Images)

Goksu Uctas (TURKEY): I quite like this leotard! The patterning is different but effective. (Photo courtesy of Reuters)

Nataliya Kononenko (UKRAINE): Not the nicest photo but I do like the patterning. Would have loved it to be a long sleeved leotard though. (Image from AP Photo)

Kyla Ross (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA): I love this leotard, it's something unique and that we haven't seen before. (Image from Getty Images)

Jessica Lopez (VENEZUELA): The only pink leotard from Qualification. And of course it is a lovely leotard at that. (Photo from Getty Images)

Do Thi Ngan Thuong (VIETNAM): I love the black sleeves, but I am not sold on the white flame/thunderbolt things. (Photo from Getty Images)

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  1. Wow that is a fantastic collection of leotards loved them all thank you so much effort put into making it thank you so much