Petzold Siblings Featured in Article

11:24 PM

An article on The Voice online, has featured an article on Brittany and Kirsten Petzold, who will competing together for the first time at collegiate level in the 2012-2013 NCAA Gymnastics season. Both sisters will be competing for the Central Michigan University Chippewas, and you can see the article in full at the following link:
It is a fantastic read, and I would like to take time to wish Brittany, Kirsten and the entire CMU Gymnastics Team the best of luck for the upcoming season.
Here's a section from the article where they interview the girls' mother:
Brittany and Kirsten have followed almost identical paths to get where they are, but they are very different people. Just listen to their mother.

"Brittany is miss perfect," Sheri Petzold said. "She has to do everything 50,000 times until she gets it right. Kirsten is my social butterfly. She'll sit back and watch something and analyze it and then do it."

Sheri and Dewane Petzold are thrilled that Kirsten has Brittany at CMU to show the way. They are also happy their travel load is about to be lightened. They attend all of their daughters' meets, so that has meant father and mother splitting up often to cover both girls.

"It's going to be wonderful to go to the same place," Sheri said. "We're going to save some money."

Central Michigan will be gunning for its fourth straight MAC title this season. Brittany and Kirsten Petzold figure to play prominent roles in that effort.

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