Southern Utah Hosts Brigham Young - Live Scores

6:24 PM

Southern Utah University is hosting Brigham Young in the Centrum Arena this evening. This is the second time the two teams have faced one another in the last four days. Southern Utah picked up the win on that occasion. It's also Senior Night for Southern Utah with their Redshirted Senior Alyssa Click being acknowledged after the meet. After the first rotation Brigham Young leads. Click and Freshman team mate Memory Shettles tied for the title on the Uneven Bars, with Redshirted Freshman Stacie Webb taking out the Vault title. Heading into the final rotation, Brigham Young has regained the lead. Shettles and Junior Carly Sigler tied for the Floor Exercise whilst Brigham Young Junior Megan Bain Tidwell earned the honors on the Balance Beam. Brigham Young Senior Raquel Willman Hatch won the All Around. In the end Southern Utah narrowly edged the team from Brigham Young.

  1. Southern Utah University (48.850, 49.125, 48.500, 49.125) 195.600
  2. Brigham Young University (48.625, 49.000, 48.875, 49.025) 195.525
  1. Raquel Willman Hatch (Brigham Young) (9.725, 9.800, 9.800, 9.850) 39.175
  2. Makenzie Johnson (Brigham Young) (9.800, 9.775, 9.750, 9.825) 39.150
  3. Memory Shettles (Southern Utah) (9.750, 9.850, 9.375, 9.875) 38.850
  1. Stacie Webb (Southern Utah) 9.850
  2. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Makenzie Johnson (Brigham Young) 9.800

  3. Memory Shettles (Southern Utah); Rochelle Bernier (Southern Utah); Jordan Schult (Brigham Young) 9.750

  4. Raquel Willman Hatch (Brigham Young) 9.725
  5. Jamie Armijo (Southern Utah); KayCee Gassaway (Brigham Young) 9.700

  6. Mikaela Jones (Brigham Young) 9.650
  7. Virginia Brownsell (Southern Utah) 9.525
  1. Alyssa Click (Southern Utah); Memory Shettles (Southern Utah) 9.850

  2. KayCee Gassaway (Brigham Young); Rochelle Bernier (Southern Utah) 9.825

  3. Megan Bain Tidwell (Brigham Young); Emily Vidmar (Brigham Young); Raquel Willman Hatch (Brigham Young); Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Jamie Armijo (Southern Utah) 9.800

  4. Makenzie Johnson (Brigham Young) 9.775
  5. Ana Jaworski (Southern Utah) 9.750
  6. Marguerite Lindstrom (Brigham Young) 9.725
  1. Megan Bain Tidwell (Brigham Young) 9.825
  2. Ana Jaworski (Southern Utah); Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah); Raquel Willman Hatch (Brigham Young) 9.800

  3. Stacie Webb (Southern Utah); Summer Raymond (Brigham Young) 9.775

  4. Alyssa Click (Southern Utah); Makenzie Johnson (Brigham Young) 9.750

  5. Ashley Follett (Brigham Young) 9.725
  6. Emily Vidmar (Brigham Young) 9.700
  7. Memory Shettles (Southern Utah) 9.375
  8. Natalie Trejo (Southern Utah) 9.175
  1. Memory Shettles (Southern Utah); Carly Sigler (Southern Utah) 9.875

  2. Raquel Willman Hatch (Brigham Young) 9.850
  3. KayCee Gassaway (Brigham Young); Makenzie Johnson (Brigham Young) 9.825

  4. Megan Bain Tidwell (Brigham Young); Natalie Trejo (Southern Utah); Ana Jaworski (Southern Utah) 9.800

  5. Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah); Brittney Jensen (Southern Utah) 9.775

  6. Jordan Schult (Brigham Young) 9.725
  7. Jordan Hayden (Brigham Young) 9.650

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