New Hampshire Defeats N.C. State

3:59 AM

North Carolina State University lost their Senior Day Meet yesterday against the University of New Hampshire. At the conclusion of the Meet, Seniors Stephanie Ouellette, Diahanna Ham, Kristen Harabedian, Hannah Fallanca, Heidi Ffield and Ellen Marion along with Junior Megan Kurdelmeier who is set to Graduate in December were recognized. Ouellette finished her career with a collegiate best score in the All Around to take out the title and also won the honors on the Vault and Uneven Bars. Kelsey Aucoin, a Redshirt Freshman on the New Hampshire squad took out the Balance Beam title whilst North Carolina State Sophomore Brittni Watkins was triumphant on the Floor Exercise. 

  1. University of New Hampshire (48.425, 48.900, 49.125, 49.150) 195.600
  2. North Carolina State University (49.000, 48.425, 49.000, 49.125) 195.550
  1. Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 39.525
  2. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State); Meghan Pflieger (New Hampshire) 39.150

  3. Michaela Woodford (North Carolina State) 39.100
  1. Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 9.900
  2. Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State) 9.850
  3. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.800
  4. Meghan Pflieger (New Hampshire) 9.750
  5. Michaela Woodford (North Carolina State); Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State) 9.725

  6. Kelsey Aucoin (New Hampshire) 9.700
  7. Courtney Leighton (North Carolina State); Adrienne Hill (New Hampshire) 9.675

  8. Erika Rudiger (New Hampshire); Hannah Barile (New Hampshire) 9.650

  9. Jen King (New Hampshire) 9.200
  1. Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 9.925
  2. Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State) 9.900
  3. Lauren Brodie (New Hampshire) 9.850
  4. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.825
  5. Erika Rudiger (New Hampshire) 9.800
  6. Michaela Woodford (North Carolina State) 9.775
  7. Meghan Pflieger (New Hampshire); Jannelle Minichiello (New Hampshire); Hannah Barile (New Hampshire); Jess Gracia (New Hampshire) 9.750

  8. Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State) 9.000
  9. Courtney Turner (North Carolina State) 8.550
  1. Kelsey Aucoin (New Hampshire) 9.875
  2. Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State); Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 9.850

  3. Jannelle Minichiello (New Hampshire); Meghan Pflieger (New Hampshire) 9.825

  4. Michaela Woodford (North Carolina State); Adrienne Hill (New Hampshire); Erin Machado (New Hampshire) 9.800

  5. Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State) 9.775
  6. Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State) 9.725
  7. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.650
  8. Kayla Gray (New Hampshire) 9.025
  1. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.875
  2. Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State); Erin Machado (New Hampshire); Hannah Barile (New Hampshire) 9.850

  3. Kelsey Aucoin (New Hampshire); Meghan Pflieger (New Hampshire) 9.825

  4. Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State); Michaela Woodford (North Carolina State); Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State); Erika Rudiger (New Hampshire) 9.800

  5. Aubrey Hine (North Carolina State) 9.775
  6. Jannelle Minichiello (New Hampshire) 9.700

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