Hundley Wins 3 Event Titles as USA Gymnastics Collegiate Nationals Conclude

5:34 PM

The 2014 USA Gymnastics Women's Collegiate National Championships has come to a close at Brown University's Pizzitola Sports Center this afternoon. Seattle Pacific University Sophomore Maria Hundley had a wonderful day finishing first on Vault and Balance Beam and sharing the Uneven Bars title in a three way tie between herself, U.S. Air Force Academy Senior Linnaea Hance and Texas Woman's University Senior Brittainy Johnson. Lindenwood University Sophomore Rachel Zabawa finished tied for second on Vault with Texas Woman's University Senior Bethany Larimer, whilst on the Balance Beam Temple University Sophomore Reagan Oliveri finished in second with Lindenwood Sophomore Valeri Ingui and University of Bridgeport Freshman Brianna Comport tying for third. The Floor Exercise title was shared between Seattle Pacific Senior Kai Tindall, Texas Woman's University Junior Spencer Jones and Bridgeport's Senior Melissa Doucette and Junior Caitlin Perry.

  1. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific) 9.8500
  2. Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood); Bethany Larimer (Texas Woman's) 9.8125

  3. Melissa Doucette (Bridgeport); Brittainy Johnson (Texas Woman's) 9.7750

  4. Jessica Wallander (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.7625
  5. Lissette LaFex (Bridgeport) 9.7125
  6. Alicia Bair (Cornell) 9.6875 
  7. Lauren Capone (Temple) 9.3250
  8. Kim Stewart (Bridgeport) 9.1000
  9. Rebecca Freedman (Brown) 9.0875
  1. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific); Brittainy Johnson (Texas Woman's); Linnaea Hance (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.8500

  2. Lissette LaFex (Bridgeport); Emily Turik (Lindenwood) 9.8250

  3. Courtney Heise (Lindenwood); Melanie Jorgensen (Cornell) 9.8000

  4. Christine Liautaud (Bridgeport) 9.7500
  5. Lexi Schupp (Cornell); Amber Hill (Bridgeport) 9.7000

  6. Katie Simpson (Texas Woman's) 9.6750
  7. Shannon Escarra (Seattle Pacific) 9.5750
  8. Alexandra Chretien (Brown) 9.1250
  9. Robyn Price (Centenary) 9.1000
  1. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific) 9.8500
  2. Reagan Oliveri (Temple) 9.8000
  3. Brianna Comport (Bridgeport); Valeri Ingui (Lindenwood) 9.7750

  4. Linnaea Hance (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.7000
  5. Jessica Hanner (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.6000
  6. Spencer Jones (Texas Woman's) 9.3000
  7. Ali Ables (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.2500
  8. Rotem Porat (Southern Connecticut State) 9.1500
  9. Kristi Hayashida (Seattle Pacific) 9.0500
  10. Caroline Morant (Brown) 8.4250
  1. Caitlin Perry (Bridgeport); Melissa Doucette (Bridgeport); Kai Tindall (Seattle Pacific); Spencer Jones (Texas Woman's) 9.8750

  2. Amy Winczura (Texas Woman's) 9.8250
  3. Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood); Brianna Ecklof (Southern Connecticut State) 9.8000

  4. Michelle Shnayder (Brown); Lissette LaFex (Bridgeport) 9.7750

  5. Lexi Schupp (Cornell) 9.7500
  6. Caroline Morant (Brown) 9.6250
  7. Shannon Escarra (Seattle Pacific) 9.6000
  8. Ajiea Hargrave (Lindenwood) 9.2250

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