Results - Event Finals at Baku

5:17 AM

So I missed out on the first part of today's competition but here is what I have missed... Spain's Rayderley Miguel Zapata Santana won the Men's Floor Exercise final over Germany's Fabian Hambuechen with David Belyavskiy of Russia picking up the bronze. Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber captured the Vault honors over Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan with the Netherlands' Lisa Top finishing in third. Pommel Horse specialist Saso Bertoncelj of Slovenia topped Oleg Stepko of Azerbaijan and Great Britain's Brinn Bevan for the title.

Red 1/2 sleeved leo with silver diamantes for Noemi Makra. Not her best routine. Blue bottom, red sleeves with orange and white flamey patterning separating the two main colors for Celine van Gerner. An okay routine but she lands on the bar. Beautiful blue and white leotard for Sophie Scheder. Oleg Verniaiev takes a number of steps backwards and sits down on his Rings dismount. Black and yellow leotard with diamantes for Andreea Iridon. Solid. Red leotard with diamantes for Aliya Mustafina - great routine! Tea Ugrin is wearing a sleeveless white, red and blue leotard. Has a couple of problems. Mustafina wins the title by 0.2 points from Sophie Scheder of Germany. Romanian Iridon picks up the bronze. On the Still Rings, Greece's Eleftherios Petrounias wins the title over Russia's Nikita Ignatyev and Turkey's Ibrahim Colak.

Stunning deep purple leotard with diamantes for Dutchwoman Lieke Wevers. Iridon almost falls off during her first turn sequence, has a few balance checks. Red leotard with diamantes for Seda Tutkhalyan. Nasty fall off the beam on her first acro series. Quite shaky during the remainder of her routine. Patriotic red leotard with the white crosses for Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber. Few bobbles throughout her routine. Simple red, blue and white leo for Georgina Hockenhull. Fall on her acro series. Solid routine for Scheder puts her hands down on the beam to steady herself. Ukraine's Oleg Verniaiev earns the Vault title with Dutchman Casimir Schmidt winning the silver and Oleg Stepko earning the bronze. Great beam routine from Wevers! Wevers takes the honors over Andreea Iridon and Giulia Steingruber.

Lovely leotard for Belgium's Lisa Verschueren. I'm going to call in a coral leotard (although it really isn't but my brain is just not functioning!) with light blue for France's Valentine Pikul. Solid routine for Verschueren. Messy Parallel Bars routine from Turkey's Ferhat Arican. It was a nice routine from Mustafina but I don't personally believe that it had the same spark we usually see. Maybe Pikul's leotard is a flesh color? MASSIVE score from Stepko!! Rough routine on Parallel Bars for Verniaiev. Solid routine from Wevers. Romanian Silvia Zarzu - out of bounds second pass and massive jump backwards on final pass. Change of leo for Steingruber - black, light blue and white. The crowd goes crazy after Stepko wins the Parallel Bars title over Russia's David Belyavskiy and Romania's Marius Daniel Berbecar whilst Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber wins the Floor Exercise title over Aliya Mustafina and Lieke Wevers.

Great routine on the Horizontal Bar from Greece's Vlasios Maras. On my next break I plan to get more acquainted with MAG. It will happen. With a phenomenal routine Germany's Fabian Hambuechen takes the title over Maras with Nikita Ignatyev earning the bronze.

  1. Giulia Steingruber (SUI) (15.566, 14.433) 14.999
  2. Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS) (14.833, 14.533) 14.683
  3. Lisa Top (NED) (14.133, 13.900) 14.016
  4. Gabriela Janik (POL) (14.300, 13.633) 13.966
  5. Ana Derek (CRO) (13.966, 13.933) 13.949
  6. Kelly Simm (GBR) (14.333, 0.000) 7.166
  1. Aliya Mustafina (RUS) 15.400
  2. Sophie Scheder (GER) 15.200
  3. Andreea Iridon (ROU) 12.800
  4. Noemi Makra (HUN) 12.733
  5. Celine van Gerner (NED) 12.666
  6. Tea Ugrin (ITA) 12.533
  1. Lieke Wevers (NED) 14.200
  2. Andreea Iridon (ROU) 14.000
  3. Giulia Steingruber (SUI) 13.700
  4. Sophie Scheder (GER) 13.666
  5. Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS) 13.566
  6. Georgina Hockenhull (GBR) 11.833
  1. Giulia Steingruber (SUI) 14.266
  2. Aliya Mustafina (RUS) 14.200
  3. Lieke Wevers (NED) 13.800
  4. Lisa Verschueren (BEL) 13.566
  5. Silvia Zarzu (ROU) 13.566
  6. Valentine Pikul (FRA) 12.766
  1. Rayderley Miguel Zapata Santana (ESP) 15.333
  2. Fabian Hambuechen (GER) 15.100
  3. David Belyavskiy (RUS) 15.000
  4. Kieran Behan (IRL) 14.866
  5. Alexander Shatilov (ISR) 14.833
  6. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 14.233
  1. Saso Bertoncelj (SLO) 14.966
  2. Oleg Stepko (AZE) 14.600
  3. Brinn Bevan (GBR) 14.200
  4. David Belyavskiy (RUS) 13.900
  5. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 13.833
  6. Slavomir Michnak (SVK) 13.266
  1. Eleftherios Petrounias (GRE) 15.633
  2. Nikita Ignatyev (RUS) 15.333
  3. Ibrahim Colak (TUR) 15.133
  4. Oleg Stepko (AZE) 14.466
  5. Guillaume Augugliaro (FRA) 14.033
  6. Igor Radivilov (UKR) 13.866
  1. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) (15.400, 15.133) 15.266
  2. Casimir Schmidt (NED) (15.033, 15.200) 15.116
  3. Oleg Stepko (AZE) (14.933, 15.000) 14.966
  4. Tomi Tuuha (FIN) (15.033, 14.800) 14.916
  5. Cristian Ioan Bataga (ROU) (14.733, 14.500) 14.616
  6. Ferhat Arican (TUR) (14.766, 14.366) 14.566
  1. Oleg Stepko (AZE) 15.733
  2. David Belyavskiy (RUS) 15.700
  3. Marius Daniel Berbecar (ROU) 15.600
  4. Axel Augis (FRA) 15.000
  5. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 14.633
  6. Ferhat Arican (TUR) 14.300
  1. Fabian Hambuechen (GER) 15.533
  2. Vlasios Maras (GRE) 15.366 
  3. Nikita Ignatyev (RUS) 15.166
  4. Marijo Moznik (CRO) 14.900
  5. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 14.900
  6. Andrey Likhovitskiy (BLR) 14.333

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