Day Two Event Finals Recap

11:27 PM

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea's RI Se Gwang, Oleg Stepko of Azerbaijan and Manrique Larduet Bicet of Cuba have earned berths to the Olympics, with Romanian Marian Dragulescu, and Oleg Verniaiev of Ukraine along with Pauline Schaefer of Germany guaranteed a place at the Rio Olympics should their nations not qualify as a team at the Test Event next year. 

Simone Biles had a fantastic evening, taking out both the Balance Beam (where she absolutely dominated over the field) and Floor Exercise titles. The Netherlands' Sanne Wevers finished second on the Beam with a 14.333. Wevers was captured working out her D-score after the routine in a notebook and lodged a successful enquiry. In a field of falls were Dutchwoman Eythora Thorsdottir, WANG Yan, Canadian Elsabeth Black and Seda Tutkhalyan of Russia all counted a fall in their routines, Germany's Pauline Schaefer performed a solid routine including an interesting mount where she stood with her back to the side of the Beam and jumped back to straddle split to take out the bronze medal. Russian Viktoriia Komova had a massive wobble after her Arabian front to finish fourth. On the Floor Exercise, Russian Ksenia Afanasyeva performed a clean, mature routine to finish in second place with American Margaret Nichols finishing third. SHANG Chunsong of China came into the final to replace Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber and ended tied for fourth with Japan's Sae Miyakawa. The routine of the final however would have to have been Dutchwoman Lieke Wevers'. Despite only performing two tumbling passes, the sheer elegance, and performance quality of the routine was definitely something special. 

RI Se Gwang won by 0.050 points over Romanian comeback king Marian Dragulescu. His reaction after the Vaults and on the medal podium - soaring like an aeroplane and high fiving all the presenters was absolutely wonderful to see! Donnell Whittenburg performed two great vaults including the RI Se Gwang really well and it was great to see him round out the podium! China's YOU Hao produced a phenomenal routine on the Parallel Bars to take the title over Ukraine's Oleg Verniaiev. Azerbaijan's Stepko and China's  DENG Shudi shared the third place finish. King Kohei Uchimura added to his World Championship medals the gold on the Horizontal Bar topping U.S.A's Danell Leyva and Cuba's Manrique Larduet Bicet. It was a final full of high flying and a couple of spills. A fantastic way to end the Championships!

  1. Simone Biles (USA) 15.358
  2. Sanne Wevers (NED) 14.333
  3. Pauline Schaefer (GER) 14.133
  4. Viktoriia Komova (RUS) 13.933
  5. WANG Yan (CHN) 13.633
  6. Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS) 13.500
  7. Elsabeth Black (CAN) 13.466
  8. Eythora Thorsdottir (NED) 12.733
  1. Simone Biles (USA) 15.800
  2. Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS) 15.100
  3. Margaret Nichols (USA) 15.000
  4. SHANG Chunsong (CHN); Sae Miyakawa (JPN) 14.933

  5. Elissa Downie (GBR) 14.733
  6. Claudia Fragapane (GBR) 14.466
  7. Lieke Wevers (NED) 14.100
  1. RI Se Gwang (PRK) (15.600, 15.300) 15.450
  2. Marian Dragulescu (ROU) (15.300, 15.500) 15.400
  3. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) (15.100, 15.600) 15.350
  4. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) (15.466, 15.100) 15.283
  5. Igor Radivilov (UKR) (15.200, 14.966) 15.083
  6. Denis Ablyazin (RUS) (14.300, 15.400) 14.850
  7. Kenzo Shirai (JPN) (14.500, 14.533) 14.516
  8. KIM Hansol (KOR) (14.000, 15.000) 14.500
  1. YOU Hao (CHN) 16.216
  2. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 16.066
  3. Oleg Stepko (AZE); DENG Shudi (CHN) 15.966

  4. Manrique Larduet Bicet (CUB) 15.733
  5. Danell Leyva (USA) 15.666
  6. Yusuke Tanaka (JPN) 15.600
  7. Nile Wilson (GBR) 15.233
  1. Kohei Uchimura (JPN) 15.833
  2. Danell Leyva (USA) 15.700
  3. Manrique Larduet Bicet (CUB) 15.600
  4. Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano (BRA) 15.166
  5. Andreas Bretschneider (GER) 14.966
  6. Christopher Brooks (USA) 13.800
  7. Fabian Hambuechen (GER); Oliver Hegi (SUI) 13.500

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