CMU Wins Season Opener Over Temple

6:15 PM

Central Michigan University opened their season at home in the McGuirk Arena against Temple University with a 4.575 point win. Best wishes for a speedy recovery go to Central Michigan Senior Kirsten "Kiki" Petzold who sustained an injury prior to the meet. Congratulations go to debuting Freshmen - Central Michigan's Kasey Janowicz and Kailey Miller and Temple University's India Anderson and Breahna Wiczkowski and to Central Michigan Sophomore Katy Clements and Temple Sophomores Gianna Gambuti and Kayla Kennedy who did not compete last year. Sahara Gipson, and Alexa Phillip who are both Sophomores made their debuts for Temple after transferring from Rutgers University and West Virginia University respectively, whilst Senior Reagan Oliveri returned to competition after being redshirted last year due to injury.

Janowicz won the All Around title in her debut and also finished second on Vault (9.775). Her Senior team mate Karlee Teet finished second in the All Around and top scored on the Vault (9.825). Temple's Gipson had a successful meet finishing third in the All Around. Central Michigan Junior Kirstin Stambaugh was third on Vault (9.775) with her team mates Bryttany Kaplan (Sophomore) and Meghan Lamphere (Senior) tying for first on the Uneven Bars with 9.825. Teet was third (9.800). CMU Senior Jordan Charrette won the Balance Beam title with a 9.800 whilst Temple's Wiczkowski and Oliveri tied for second with 9.700. Stambaugh and Senior team mate Taylor Bolender tied for first on the Floor Exercise (9.850) with Janowicz (9.825) in third.

Temple return to competition on the road against Kent State University on the 10th, whilst Central Michigan head on the road to compete in the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire quad meet with Winona State University and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater on the 8th.


  1. Central Michigan University (48.375, 48.900, 47.175, 48.975) 193.425
  2. Temple University (47.675, 46.825, 46.975, 47.425) 188.900
  1. Kasey  Janowicz (Central Michigan) 38.975
  2. Karlee Teet (Central Michigan) 37.925
  3. Sahara Gipson (Temple) 37.750
  4. Kerry Arone (Temple) 37.450
  1. Karlee Teet (Central Michigan) 9.825
  2. Kasey Janowicz (Central Michigan) 9.775
  3. Kirstin Stambaugh (Central Michigan) 9.725
  4. Sahara Gipson (Temple) 9.650
  5. Briana Odom (Temple) 9.625
  6. Rachel Carr (Central Michigan); Macey Hilliker (Central Michigan); India Anderson (Temple) 9.525

  7. Michaela Lapent (Temple) 9.450
  8. Kerry Arone (Temple) 9.425
  9. Gina Tucker (Temple) 9.400
  1. Bryttany Kaplan (Central Michigan); Meghan Lamphere (Central Michigan) 9.825

  2. Karlee Teet (Central Michigan) 9.800
  3. Rachel Carr (Central Michigan) 9.750
  4. Kasey Janowicz (Central Michigan) 9.700
  5. Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan) 9.675
  6. Sahara Gipson (Temple) 9.550
  7. Michaela Lapent (Temple); Briana Odom (Temple) 9.450

  8. Alexa Phillip (Temple) 9.275
  9. India Anderson (Temple) 9.100
  10. Kerry Arone (Temple) 9.000
  1. Jordan Charrette (Central Michigan) 9.800
  2. Breahna Wiczkowski (Temple); Reagan Oliveri (Temple) 9.700

  3. Kasey Janowicz (Central Michigan) 9.675
  4. Kerry Arone (Temple) 9.600
  5. Katy Clements (Central Michigan); Caroline Fitzpatrick (Central Michigan) 9.250

  6. Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan) 9.200
  7. Gianna Gambuti (Temple) 9.000
  8. Sahara Gipson (Temple) 8.975
  9. Kayla Kennedy (Temple) 8.800
  10. Karlee Teet (Central Michigan) 8.500
  1. Kirstin Stambaugh (Central Michigan); Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan) 9.850

  2. Kasey Janowicz (Central Michigan) 9.825
  3. Karlee Teet (Central Michigan) 9.800
  4. Briana Odom (Temple) 9.725
  5. Macey Hilliker (Central Michigan) 9.650
  6. Sahara Gipson (Temple) 9.575
  7. India Anderson (Temple) 9.450
  8. Kerry Arone (Temple) 9.425
  9. Michaela Lapent (Temple) 9.250
  10. Kailey Miller (Central Michigan) 8.600
  11. Gina Tucker (Temple) 8.550

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