2016 Athens Regional

5:19 AM

Some history for the field of the Athens Regional: Louisiana State University will be making their 32nd consecutive NCAA Regional appearance whilst Michigan State University will be making their second consecutive NCAA Regional appearance. Oregon State University will be headed to Athens to compete for the first time since 2008 with George Washington University competed in a back-to-back Regionals appearance for the first time since 2001-2002. Towson  University's Tyra McKellar is set to compete in her second NCAA Regionals whilst North Carolina State and Maryland are sending individuals to compete after qualifying a team last season.William and Mary Senior Brittany Stover makes her fourth Regionals appearance.

Louisiana State University and the University of Georgia advance to the NCAA Gymnastics National Championships after finishing first and second respectively. Louisiana State Sophomore Myia Hambrick won the All Around title and shared in the Floor Exercise title with Junior team mate Ashleigh Gnat. LSU Junior Sydney Ewing produced a fantastic Vault to win the title whilst Georgia Senior Brandie Jay won the Uneven Bars honors. The Balance Beam title was shared by Hambrick, Georgia Junior Ashlyn Broussard, University of Arizona Senior Alexandra (Lexi) Mills and Oregon State University Senior Risa Perez.  

Risa Perez (Oregon State University) and Alexandra Mills (University of Arizona) advance to Nationals as Balance Beam specialists. Oregon State University Junior Madeline Gardiner and Michigan State University Senior Lisa Burt advance as All Around qualifiers. Burt becomes the first Spartan to advance to Nationals since current MSU Assistant Coach Nicole Curler in 2010. 

  • ALL AROUND: Chelsea Knight (Sophomore, North Carolina State University)
  • VAULT: Dominiquea Trotter (Sophomore, University of Maryland)
  • UNEVEN BARS: Kathy Tang (Senior, University of Maryland)
  • BALANCE BEAM: Evelyn Nee (Sophomore, University of Maryland)
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Emily Brauckmuller (Junior, University of Maryland)
TEAM RESULTS (Nos. in front of team name represent Regional Seeding):
  1. 1 - Louisiana State University (49.400, 49.300, 49.150, 49.450) 197.300
  2. 2 - University of Georgia (49.275, 49.250, 49.025, 49.300) 196.850
  3. 3 - Oregon State University (48.900, 48.975, 49.125, 49.000) 196.000
  4. 4 - University of Arizona (48.775, 49.100, 49.000, 49.025) 195.900
  5. 5 - George Washington University (49.075, 48.825, 48.725, 48.925) 195.550
  6. 6 - Michigan State University (48.575, 48.950, 48.675, 49.150) 195.350
  1. Myia Hambrick (Louisiana State University) 39.550
  2. Brandie Jay (University of Georgia) 39.450
  3. Brittany Rogers (University of Georgia) 39.350
  4. Lisa Burt (Michigan State University); Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State University) 39.275

  5. Jillian Winstanley (George Washington University) 39.200
  6. Morgan Lane (University of North Carolina); Brittni Watkins (Senior, North Carolina State University); Madison Cindric (University of Arizona); Kaytianna McMillan (Oregon State University) 39.175

  7. Camille Drouin-Allaire (George Washington University) 39.150
  8. Brittany Stover (College of William & Mary) 39.125
  9. Alex DeMoura (George Washington University) 38.975
  10. Brittany Holmes (Michigan State University) 38.675
  11. Tyra McKellar (Sophomore, Towson University) 38.525
  1. Sydney Ewing (Louisiana State) 9.975
  2. Ashleigh Gnat (Louisiana State) 9.925
  3. Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Camille Drouin-Allaire (George Washington); Julianna Cannamela (Louisiana State) 9.900

  4. Ashlyn Broussard (Georgia) 9.875
  5. Brandie Jay (Georgia); Jillian Winstanley (George Washington); Chelsea Knight (Sophomore, North Carolina State University) 9.850

  6. Lauren Johnson (Georgia); GiGi Marino (Georgia); Chelsea Raineri (George Washington); Myia Hambrick (Louisiana State); Kaytianna McMillan (Oregon State) 9.825

  7. Madison Cindric (Arizona); Shelby Edwards (Arizona); Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State); Megan Jimenez (Oregon State); Kathy Tang (Senior, University of Maryland); Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.800

  8. Natalie Vaculik (Georgia); Sarah Finnegan (Louisiana State); Brittany Stover (William and Mary) 9.775

  9. Morgan Lane (North Carolina); Lauryn Mattson (Arizona); Alex DeMoura (George Washington); Sara Mermelstein (George Washington); Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Anna Gamelo (Michigan State); Mary Jacobsen (Oregon State) 9.750

  10. Jessica Sisler (Arizona); McKenna Singley (Oregon State) 9.725

  11. Gabby Laub (Arizona); Alexandra Zois (George Washington); Brittany Holmes (Michigan State); Elena Lagoski (Michigan State); Taylor Ricci (Oregon State) 9.700

  12. Ashley Noll (Michigan State) 9.675
  13. Jessica Savona (Louisiana State) 9.650
  14. Skyler Sheppard (Arizona); Haley Sedgewick (Michigan State) 9.600

  15. Tyra McKellar (Towson) 9.575
  1. Brandie Jay (Georgia) 9.950
  2. Sarah Finnegan (Louisiana State); Lexie Priessman (Louisiana State) 9.900

  3. Alexandra Mills (Arizona); Myia Hambrick (Louisiana State); Lisa Burt (Michigan State) 9.875

  4. Abbie Epperson (Sophomore, University of Maryland); Rachel Schick (Georgia); Jessica Savona (Louisiana State); Shireen Khamedoost (Oregon State) 9.850

  5. Kaitlynn Hedelund (University of North Carolina); Morgan Lane (North Carolina); Brittany Stover (William and Mary); Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Natalie Vaculik (Georgia); Krysten Howard (Arizona); Jessica Ling (Michigan State) 9.825

  6. Gracie Cherrey (Georgia); Selynna Felix-Terrazas (Arizona); Gabby Laub (Arizona); Danielle Spencer-Bearham (Arizona); Alexandra Zois (George Washington); Hailee Westney (Michigan State); Mary Jacobsen (Oregon State); Kaytianna McMillan (Oregon State) 9.800

  7. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State); Lauren Johnson (Georgia); Madison Cindric (Arizona); Camille Drouin-Allaire (George Washington); Jillian Winstanley (George Washington); Randii Wyrick (Louisiana State); Elena Lagoski (Michigan State); Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State) 9.775

  8. Alex DeMoura (George Washington); Marianna Colussi-Pelaez (Oregon State) 9.750

  9. Chelsea Raineri (George Washington); Shae Zamardi (Louisiana State) 9.725

  10. Anna Gamelo (Michigan State) 9.675
  11. Brittany Holmes (Michigan State) 9.625
  12. Tyra McKellar (Towson) 9.375
  13. McKenna Singley (Oregon State) 9.150
  14. Elizabeth Pfeiler (George Washington) 9.025
  1. Ashlyn Broussard (Georgia); Alexandra Mills (Arizona); Myia Hambrick (Louisiana State); Risa Perez (Oregon State) 9.900

  2. Mary Beth Box (Georgia); Erin Macadaeg (Louisiana State); Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State) 9.875

  3. Morgan Lane (North Carolina); Madison Cindric (Arizona); Hailee Westney (Michigan State); Silvia Colussi-Pelaez (Oregon State) 9.850

  4. Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Danielle Buchanan (Arizona); Elizabeth Pfeiler (George Washington); Sydney Ewing (Louisiana State); Sarah Finnegan (Louisiana State) 9.825

  5. Mary Elle Arduino (Freshman, Towson University); Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Victoria Huehn (Michigan State) 9.800

  6. Jillian Winstanley (George Washington); Tyra McKellar (Towson); Brittany Stover (William and Mary) 9.775

  7. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State); Brandie Jay (Georgia); Alexandra Zois (George Washington); Mariana Colussi-Pelaez (Oregon State); Megan Jimenez (Oregon State) 9.750

  8. Jessica Sisler (Arizona); Ashleigh Gnat (Louisiana State) 9.725

  9. Shelby Edwards (Arizona); Camille Drouin-Allaire (George Washington) 9.700

  10. Nicole Wild (Sophomore, North Carolina State University); Vivi Babalis (Georgia); Alex DeMoura (George Washington); Sara Mermelstein (George Washington); Julianna Cannamela (Louisiana State); Brittany Holmes (Michigan State); Kaytianna McMillan (Oregon State) 9.675

  11. Kira Frederick (Michigan State) 9.550
  12. Krysten Howard (Arizona) 9.525
  13. Natalie Vaculik (Georgia) 9.100
  14. Ashley Noll (Michigan State) 8.500
  1. Ashleigh Gnat (Louisiana State); Myia Hambrick (Louisiana State) 9.950

  2. Elena Lagoski (Michigan State) 9.925
  3. Brandie Jay (Georgia); GiGi Marino (Georgia); McKenna Kelley (Louisiana State); Jessica Savona (Louisiana State) 9.900

  4. Jessica Sisler (Arizona); Kaytianna McMillan (Oregon State) 9.875

  5. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State); Morgan Reynolds (Georgia); Mary Beth Box (Georgia); Krysten Howard (Arizona); Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Kira Frederick (Michigan State); Drew Hendershot (Michigan State); Jamie Radermacher (Oregon State) 9.850

  6. Macey Roberts (Freshman, University of Maryland); Madeline Seibold (George Washington); Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State) 9.825

  7. Tyra McKellar (Towson); Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Alex DeMoura (George Washington); Jillian Winstanley (George Washington) 9.800

  8. Selynna Felix-Terrazas (Arizona); Kennady Schneider (Arizona); Camille Drouin-Allaire (George Washington) 9.775

  9. Morgan Lane (North Carolina); Brittany Stover (William and Mary); Madison Cindric (Arizona); Lauryn Mattson (Arizona); Sydney Ewing (Louisiana State); Risa Perez (Oregon State) 9.750

  10. Sara Mermelstein (George Washington); Chelsea Raineri (George Washington) 9.725

  11. Kathy Tang (Senior, University of Maryland); Taylor Ricci (Oregon State); McKenna Singley (Oregon State) 9.700

  12. Randii Wyrick (Louisiana State); Brittany Holmes (Michigan State); Ashley Noll (Michigan State) 9.675

  13. Vivi Babalis (Georgia) 9.275

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