Oklahoma Men; Moldauer Triumphed

3:51 AM

The University of Oklahoma's Men's Artistic Gymnastics team won their second consecutive NCAA National Championship title as the Men's Championships came to a close in the St. John  Arena on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus Ohio. Stanford University finished in second place - a massive 9.350 points behind Oklahoma. Ohio State University finished a full point behind Stanford to finish third place. The University of Illinois-Champaign was fourth with Penn State University and the University of Minnesota finishing fifth and sixth respectively. Oklahoma Freshman Yul Moldauer won the All Around with a score of 89.100 - and becomes the eighth Sooner in the program's history to take the title - and the first to do so since Jacob Dalton in 2012. Oklahoma Senior Kanji Oyama tied for second place with Stanford Junior Akash Modi. Oklahoma Junior Colin van Wicklen won the Floor Exercise title over both Oyama and Moldauer. The University of Illinois' Sophomore Brandon Ngai becomes the youngest gymnast to ever win a NCAA title at just 17 years old after winning the Pommel Horse title. Ohio State University Freshman Alec Yoder and the University of Nebraska Senior Ethan Lottman rounded out the top three. Stanford University Senior Dennis Zaremski won the Still Rings over U.S. Air Force Academy Senior Denis Aurelius. University of Michigan Senior Colin Mahar and Oklahoma Sophomore Hunter Justus tied for third. The University of Michigan Freshman Anthony McCallum becomes only third NCAA Vault Champion in Michigan's program history - and the first in 13 years. Ohio State University Sophomore Seth Delbridge finished in second with a tie for third between Penn State Senior Trevor Howard and University of California-Berkeley Senior Kyle Zemeir. Modi topped Moldauer on the Parallel Bars with University of Nebraska Senior Sam Chamberlain in third. Modi tied for the Horizontal Bar title with Ohio State University Senior Alex Johnson. Berkeley Sophomore Yordan Aleksandrov finished third. Johnson becomes the first Individual National Champion for Ohio State University since Michael Newburger in 2013 - and the first on the Horizontal Bar since Ron Ferris in 2005.

  1. University of Oklahoma (73.600, 73.150, 74.500, 75.250, 74.100, 72.800) 443.400
  2. Stanford University (71.700, 67.650, 74.050, 74.050, 74.000, 72.600) 434.050
  3. Ohio State University (71.850, 71.450, 73.450, 73.900, 69.850, 72.550) 433.050
  4. University of Illinois-Champaign (71.800, 73.200, 73.150, 71.000, 70.650, 72.950) 432.750
  5. Penn State University (72.050, 69.150, 72.150, 73.150, 69.550, 69.350) 425.400
  6. University of Minnesota (71.650, 68.350, 69.750, 73.300, 69.800, 71.550) 424.400
  1. Yul Moldauer (University of Oklahoma) 89.100
  2. Kanji Oyama (University of Oklahoma); Akash Modi (Stanford University) 88.500

  3. Allan Bower (University of Oklahoma) 88.100
  4. Alec Yoder (Ohio State University) 88.050
  5. Trevor Howard (Penn State University) 86.500
  6. Dmitri Belanovski (University of Michigan) 85.700
  7. Kyle Zemeir (University of California-Berkeley) 85.150
  8. Tristan Duran (University of Minnesota) 85.050
  9. Alex Diab (University of Illinois-Champaign); Matthew Loochtan (University of Iowa) 84.150

  10. Kevin Wolting (University of California-Berkeley) 83.800
  11. Justin Karstadt (University of Minnesota) 83.750
  12. Jack Boyle (University of Iowa) 83.600
  13. Jonathan Tang (U.S. Naval Academy) 82.950
  1. Colin van Wicklen (University of Oklahoma) 15.300
  2. Kanji Oyama (University of Oklahoma) 15.100
  3. Yul Moldauer (University of Oklahoma) 15.000
  4. Emeric Quade (Ohio State University) 14.800
  5. Dmitri Belanovski (University of Michigan); Austin Epperson (University of Nebraska); Kevin Wolting (University of California-Berkeley) 14.700

  6. Joel Gagnon (University of Minnesota); Trevor Howard (Penn State University); Zach Liebler (University of Minnesota); Akash Modi (Stanford University) 14.650
  1. Brandon Ngai (University of Illinois-Champaign) 15.450
  2. Alec Yoder (Ohio State University) 15.300
  3. Ethan Lottman (University of Nebraska) 15.250
  4. Logan Bradley (University of Illinois-Champaign); Arinn Wade (U.S. Air Force Academy) 15.200

  5. Allan Bower (University of Oklahoma) 15.100
  6. Tim Wang (U.S. Air Force Academy) 15.000
  7. Justin Karstadt (University of Minnesota) 14.950
  1. Dennis Zaremski (Stanford University) 15.450
  2. Dennis Aurelius (U.S. Air Force Academy) 15.300
  3. Hunter Justus (University of Oklahoma); Colin Mahar (University of Michigan) 15.250

  4. Sean Melton (Ohio State University) 15.150
  5. Trevor Howard (Penn State University) 15.100
  6. Alec Yoder (Ohio State University) 15.050
  7. Leroy Clarke Jr. (Penn State University) 15.000
  1. Anthony McCallum (University of Michigan) 15.550
  2. Seth Delbridge (Ohio State University) 15.350
  3. Trevor Howard (Penn State University); Kyle Zemeir (University of California-Berkeley) 15.300

  4. Colin van Wicklen (University of Oklahoma) 15.250
  5. Kanji Oyama (University of Oklahoma) 15.200
  6. Alexander Wilson (Ohio State University); Zach Liebler (University of Minnesota) 15.100
  1. Akash Modi (Stanford University) 15.300
  2. Yul Moldauer (University of Oklahoma) 15.250
  3. Sam Chamberlain (University of Nebraska) 15.150
  4. Sergey Resnick (University of Oklahoma); Dennis Zaremski (Stanford University) 14.850

  5. Brian Knott (Stanford University) 14.750
  6. Kanji Oyama (University of Oklahoma); Allan Bower (University of Oklahoma); Anton Stephenson (University of Nebraska) 14.700
  1. Akash Modi (Stanford University); Alex Johnson (Ohio State University) 15.200

  2. Yordan Aleksandrov (University of California-Berkeley) 15.000
  3. Sean Melton (Ohio State University) 14.950
  4. Alex Diab (University of Illinois-Champaign) 14.900
  5. Colin van Wicklen (University of Oklahoma); Levi Anderson (University of Oklahoma); Taylor Seaton (Stanford University); Jayden Bull (University of Illinois-Champaign) 14.800

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