Cordoba to Replace Gustavo Palma Simoes in Rio

10:46 PM

Portuguese Gymnast Gustavo Palma Simoes has been forced to withdraw for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games after a fall on the 9th of July saw him unfortunately fracturing his left foot. The Portuguese Gymnastics Federation stated that "It is a type of injury that will require surgical resolution at some point but there is good potential for full functional recovery. However given the proximity of the Olympic Games, we can not in any way treat him and get him back in time to participate in the competition". This means that the original first reserve Argentina's Nicolas Cordoba has been called up and is set to compete at his first Olympics. Of interesting note is that Cordoba's inclusion sees the Argentinian Olympic delegation rise to 213 athletes - matching the record who competed at the 1948 London Olympic Games. Australia's Michael Mercieca now moves up to the first reserve position with Puerto Rico's Luis Rivera now being the second reserve. 

Best wishes to Gustavo Palma Simoes on a speedy recovery and all the best to Nicolas  Cordoba in Rio.

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