2011 WOGA Classic

4:34 AM

WOGA's Ivana Hong is set to make her comeback at this competition.

The 2011 edition of the WOGA Classic gets underway shortly. The event acts as an International Classic but also doubles as an Elite Qualifier and a Qualification to the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup. Live coverage is online via the International Gymnast Magazine. Unfortunately I work tomorrow, so my coverage of today's competition will be a little behind schedule, so many apologies in advance. Major Sessions are Saturday's: the Optional Elite Qualifier, Session 1 at 9am at the Doctor Pepper Star Center, followed by the Second Session at this venue with is also an Optional Elite Session (starting at 12.3opm) with the International Elite Session competitors marching in at 6pm. The Level 1o session at the Dr Pepper Star Center on the Sunday starting at 12.45pm sees JETS Australia and French competitors take to the floor. Watch this space.



  • 8AM: Level 2 (All Gyms), Level 3 (All Gyms), Level 4 (Ace, Excite, Metroplex, Ruben's, Stars Houston, Top Flight, Universal Mexico)
    1PM: Level 5 (Esgila, Excite, Exper-Tiess, I Flip and Dance, Metroplex, Nova De Monterrey, OK Gold, Rebound NJ, Richardson, Stars Houston, TCC, Top Flight, Universal Mexico)


  • 8AM: GYM A: Level 7 (Acrotex, Alamo, Canyon Creek, Eagles Wings, Esgila, Gleason's, Gold Medal, Legacy Elite, Pearland, Planet, Ridgewood, Starlight, The Rock, Woodlands)
  • 8AM: GYM B: Level 7 (Champion TX, Courthouse, Denton, Eagle Gym, Excite, Gym Edugym, Lone Star, MGA, Powersports, Ruben's, Stars Houston, West Valley, Zenith)
  • 8AM: GYM C: Level 7 (Achievers, Dream, Elite Champion, FGTC, Gym Magana, Mississanga, Juergen's, Power House, Precision, Trevino's, US Gold, WOGA)
  • 1PM: GYM A: Level 7 (Bannon's, Club Champion, Golden Grip, HGC, Infinite Bounds, Prattville YMCA, The Palaestra, Texa Dreams, West Georgia); Level 8 (Bannon's, Girls Co-Op, Gleason's, Gym Magana, Rebound NJ, WCEG, West Valley, West Georgia)
  • 1PM: GYM B: Level 7 (5280, Ariels PA, Capital TX, HUGS, KGDC, Monmouth, OK Gold, Olympia Hills, Top Flight)
  • 1PM: GYM C: Level 7 (All American MO, Concho Valley, Cypress, Desert Lights, Gymnastics Sport Center, Metroplex, SCEGA, Southlake, Sunbelt, United Elite, Zero Gravity)


9AM: Optional Elite Qualifier Session 1:

  • Simone Biles (Bannon's) JR ELITE
  • Taylor Krippner (Cypress) JR ELITE
  • Caitlyn Atkinson (Cypress) SR ELITE
  • Alexandria Marks (Dynamo) JR ELITE
  • Hope Masiado (Girls Co-Op) HOPES 10-12
  • Elena Spengler (Girls Co-Op) HOPES 10-12
  • Austin Sheppard (Golden Grips) SR ELITE
  • Brianna McCant (Golden Grips) JR ELITE
  • Jasmine Kauffman (La Fleur's Largo) HOPES 10-12
  • Kaitlyn Hall (KGDC) JR ELITE
  • Pua Hall (KGDC) SR ELITE
  • Madison Kampschroeder (KGDC) JR ELITE
  • Courtney Horstman (Monmouth Gymnastics) JR ELITE
  • Julianna Drapkin (Monmouth Gymnastics) JR ELITE
  • Laurie Hernandez (Monmouth Gymnastics) JR ELITE
  • Meredith Sylvia (Parkettes) JR ELITE
  • Ashley Szafranski (Parkettes) JR ELITE
  • Maggie Nichols (Twin City Twisters) JR ELITE
  • Claire Boyce (Texas Dreams) JR ELITE
  • Veronica Hults (Texas Dreams) JR ELITE
  • Ashton Kim (Texas Dreams) JR ELITE
  • Dare Maxwell (Texas Dreams) JR ELITE
  • Macy Torojo (Texas Dreams) JR ELITE
  • Mia Hambrick (West Georgia) SR ELITE
  • Jessie Jordan (Zenith Elite) SR ELITE
  • Tia Allbritten (Zenith Elite) JR ELITE

12.30PM: Optional Elite Qualifier Session 2:

  • Carly Teska (10.0 Academy) JR ELITE
  • Natalie Miller (Alamo Gymnastics) JR ELITE
  • Talia Chiarelli (Brestyan's) SR ELITE
  • Abigail Milliet (Denton) JR ELITE
  • Raven Helland (Denton) SR ELITE
  • Adeline Helland (Denton) JR ELITE
  • Casey Jo Magee (National Academy) SR ELITE
  • Carinne Gale (Monarch's National Training Center) SR ELITE
  • Dominiquea Trotter (Rebound) JR ELITE
  • Kristen Politz (Rebound) JR ELITE
  • Nicole Macco (Rebound) JR ELITE
  • Shannon Farrell (Rebound) JR ELITE
  • Sophina DeJesus (SCEGA) SR ELITE
  • Madison Howlett (SCEGA) JR ELITE
  • Rachel Daum (Stars Houston) SR ELITE
  • Rachael Flam (Stars Houston) JR ELITE
  • Mikayla Magee (Stars Houston) JR ELITE
  • Shannon McNatt (Stars Houston) JR ELITE
  • Polina Shchennikova (Stars NGV) JR ELITE
  • Alyssa Baumann (WOGA) JR ELITE
  • Jessica Howe (WOGA) SR ELITE
  • Grace McLaughlin (WOGA) SR ELITE
  • Emily Richardson (WOGA) SR ELITE


  • Chloe Cluchey (Capital Gymnastics, Burke PA) JR ELITE
  • Brooke Parker (Capital Gymnastics, Burke PA) SR ELITE
  • Makayla Black (Gymnastics Powerhouse) HOPES 10-12
  • Kamerin Moore (Twistars USA) US Elite Qualifier
  • Grace Williams (Twistars USA) US Elite Qualifier


  • Isis Lowery (Australia, Jets Gymnastics) JR ELITE
  • Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto (Canada) SR ELITE
  • Anysia Unick (Canada) SR ELITE
  • Madeline Gardiner (Canada) SR ELITE
  • Victoria Gardiner (Canada) JR ELITE
  • Mackenzie Brannan (Capital Gymnastics Cedar Park, TX) JR ELITE
  • Samantha Partyka (Champion Gymnastics) JR ELITE
  • Makayla Skinner (Desert Lights) JR ELITE
  • Stefanie Cantour (Desert Lights) JR ELITE
  • Marine Brevet (France) SR ELITE
  • Aurelie Malaussena (France) SR ELITE
  • Anne Kuhm (France) JR ELITE
  • Doriane Thobie (France) JR ELITE
  • Claire Hammen (GK's) JR ELITE
  • Brandie Jay (GK's) SR ELITE
  • Rheagan Courville (LAGTC) SR ELITE
  • Mitzi Unda Sosa (Mexico, WOGA) SR ELITE
  • Alexandra Moreno (Mexico) SR ELITE
  • Brenda Areli Medina Nabarro (Mexico) SR ELITE
  • Clarissa Gonzalez Ceballow (Mexico) SR ELITE
  • Elizabeth Price (Parkettes) JR ELITE
  • Anastasiya Marchuk (Russia) JR ELITE
  • Irina Yashina (Russia) JR ELITE
  • Ericha Fassbender (Stars Houston) JR ELITE
  • Arianna Guerra (Stars Houston) JR ELITE
  • Jordyn Weiber (Twistars USA) SR ELITE
  • Hallie Mossett (West Coast Elite) SR ELITE
  • Emma Sibson (Zenith Elite) JR ELITE
  • Briley Casanova (WOGA) SR ELITE
  • Ivana Hong (WOGA) SR ELITE
  • Madison Kocian (WOGA) JR ELITE
  • Lizzy LeDuc (WOGA) JR ELITE
  • Sophia Lee (WOGA) SR ELITE
  • Katelyn Ohashi (WOGA) JR ELITE



  • 8AM: Level 4 (AGOT, Esgila, Gold Medal, Texas Dreams, WOGA); Level 5 (AGOT, HUGS, Planet, Ruben's, Texas Dreams, The Palaestra, WOGA)
  • 1.15PM: Level 6 (All Gyms)


  • 8AM: GYM A: Level 9 (10.0 Academy, Ace, Achievers, Alamo, All American MO, Club Champion, Eagle Gymn, Exper-Tiess, I Flip and Dance, KGDC, Lone Star, Metroplex, Olympia Hills, Pearland Elite, Stars NGV, Sunbelt, Top Flight, Trevino's, West Valley, Zero Gravity)
  • 8AM: GYM B: Level 9 (Acrotex, Desert Lights, Dream, Esgila, FGTC, Gleason's, HGC, Juergen's, OK Gold, Richardson, Ruben's, Stars Houston, Sulpher Springs, Texas Dreams, United Elite, West Georgia, Zenith)
  • 8AM: GYM C: Level 9 (Bannon's, Brestyan's, Code Jalisco, Geddert's Twistars, Gym Magana, Precision, Rebound NJ, SCEGA, US Gold TX, WOGA)
  • 12.45PM: GYM A: Level 10 (All American MO, Canyon Creek, Capital TX, Courthouse, Desert Lights, Elite Champion, Gleason's, Gold Medal, Gym Edugym, Infinite Bounds, Planet Gymnastics, Precision, Southlake, Starlight, Stars NGV, Texas Dreams, Top Flight, Trevino's, UABC, US Gold TX, United Elite, Zenith, Zero Gravity)
  • 12.45PM: GYM B: Level 10 (Achievers, 5280, Champion TX, Code Jalisco, Denton, Exper-Tiess, KGDC, LAGTC, Legacy Elite, MGA, Metroplex, SCEGA)
  • 12.45PM: GYM C: Level 10 (Bannon's, Cypress, Dynamo, GK's, Golden Grip, HGC, Indigo, Juergen's, Stars Houston, WOGA)
  • 5.15PM: GYM A: Level 8 (Courthouse, Gold Medal, HUGS, MGA, OK Gold, Precision, Southlake, Starlight, Sulpher Springs, Texas Dreams, The Gymn Place, Top Flight, Trevino's United Elite, Woodlands, Zenith)
  • 5.15PM: GYM B: Level 8 (Achievers, Acrotex, Alamo, All American, Canyon Creek, Champions, Cypress, Elite Champion, Juergen's, Power House, HGC, Legacy Elite, Stars NGV, Sunbelt)
  • 5.15PM: GYM C: Level 8 (5280, Capital TX, Club Champion, Dynamo, Indigo, Infinite Bounds, KGDC, Pearland)


  • 8AM: Level 9 (Champion TX, Cypress, Courthouse, Denton, Dynamo, Gold Medal, Gymn Mississanga, Indigo, Infinite Bounds, Legacy Elite, Monmouth, WCEG)
  • 12.45PM: Level 10 (Brestyans, France, Geddert's Twistars, Gym Magana, Gymn Mississanga, JETS Australia, Rebound NJ, WCEG)
  • 5.15PM: Level 8 (Desert Lights, SCEGA, Stars Houston, WOGA, Richardson, Ridgewood, US Gold, Zero Gravity)

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