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4:08 PM

The WOGA Classic International session is about to get underway. IG reports that two of WOGA's stars Ivana Hong and Grace McLaughlin have been withdrawn from the competition as coach Valeri Liukin has said that they are not quite ready for competition. Devastated. Jordyn Wieber looks set to compete on two events only whilst WOGA upandcomer Katelyn Ohashi looks in fine form. Jordan Pruitt has sung the National Anthem, the gymnasts have warmed up and been announced, all that is life is to get the show underway! Check out the live coverage on International Gymnastics Magazine's Facebook account.
So far in the first rotation, there are obviously some nerves playing into things with a number of falls and mistakes being made... Australian Isis Lowery fell on her ff layout on beam as did Mexican Brenda Areli Medina, Katelyn Ohashi, fell on her new layout front, double front tumbling pass, and then fell on the 2 and a 1/2 punch front (warmed up a 2 and a 1/2 punch front layout full). Russian junior Irina Yashina fell on her tucked Yurchenko Full vault. My personal favourite WOGAite Lizzy LeDuc had a solid start on floor, as did Frenchwoman Marine Brevet on Bars and fellow WOGAite Sophia Lee (albeit she sat down her last tumbling pass). Canadian Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto also had a fall on beam, whilst Capital's Mackenzie Brannan and Madeline Gardiner who both competed at last weeks Nadia Comaneci Invitational had strong starts, with Gardiner recovering after a rocky start on her mount on beam and Brannan performing a good Yurchenko 1 1/2. I really want to see a video of France's Mira Boumejmajen's uneven bars routine to see the unusual Inside Stalder shoot to high she performed. Madison Kocian of WOGA performed a lovely floor routine. Scores haven't been shown but IG will let us know when they are.
Second Rotation: Lizzy LeDuc step on landing Yurchenko Full; Anastasiya Marchuk of Russia on Bars (Shaposhnikova, Khorkina, Fall over on Stalder full, Tkatchev, Arabian Double Front). Gardiner had a disappointing turn on floor where her triple twist was slightly incomplete but beautiful at the same time and where she counted a fall on double pike. Marine Brevet on balance beam scores a 14.350 with a gorgeous routine. Medina on vault, baulked her first two attempts but eventually hit a huge piked front half for 13.650. Nice and clean Uneven Bars routine for Canadian Anysia Unick. Superb Uneven Bars set for Miss Jordyn Wieber (Weiler Kip, Weiler Kip Half, Shaposhnikova, Toe on full to Tkatchev, Full twisting double layout) for a 14.900! WOGA's Briley Casanova (13.650) for a Yurchenko 1 1/2 on vault with Ohashi (double twisting Yurchenko short but stood up) and Madison Kocian with an awesome double twisting Yurchenko for a 14.950!! Solid routines for Brannan and Yashina on Bars.
Rotation Three is about to get underway. Wieber on Beam (Front aerial, 1-arm ff, layout (fall), side somi, full turn with leg held, to counter turn (wobble), side aerial, standing full, ff ff 2 1/2) for a 13.600. Casanova, 13.400 for a nice uneven bars routine. Brandie Jay of GK's lovely stuck Yurchenko 1 1/2, with a Yurchenko, half on, tucked front half for second vault, 14.500. Fall for Madison Kocian on Uneven Bars, but some very awesome skills in there, if only nothing had gone wrong! On the otherhand a fantastic Uneven Bars routine for Ohashi to score a 14.500 and a clean routine for Lizzy LeDuc as well. Lovely Beam routine for Marchuk. Unick had a great beam routine, except for a fall on her triple turn. Brevet had a fall on floor on her double pike but a good routine for her besides that. Gardiner had a step back on her Yurchenko Full.
According to IG the leaders after 3 events are Marine Brevet for the Seniors and WOGA's Madison Kocian for the Juniors.
Rotation 4: Lovely Beam routine to round out Kocian's competition. Yashina, clean floor routine for 13.400. HOLY TOLEDO 15.900 FOR KATELYN OHASHI'S BEAM ROUTINE!!!!!!! I gotta see this routine! Standing Arabian, ff Layouy Full, Onodi, Front Aerial, Sheep Jump, Full turn with leg held, Tour Jete, Piked Full In!). Disappointment for Anastasiya Marchuk on floor. Solid routines for LeDuc on Beam and Anysia Unick. Madeline Gardiner, had a fall on her Bars routine after saving an overarched Stalder earlier in the routine, 12.000 after she sat down the dismount. Brandie Jay - Nice routine with a rarely seen Shushunova in there for a 13.750. Great routine for Briley Casanova on beam for a 13.800.
Madison Kocian wins the Junior Vault and Floor titles with fellow WOGAite Katelyn Ohashi taking out the Junior Uneven Bars and Balance Beam title.
  1. Katelyn Ohashi (WOGA) 56.850
  2. Madison Kocian (WOGA) 56.600
  3. Arianna Guerra (Stars-TX) 55.400
  4. Mackenzie Brannan (Capital)
  5. Victoria Moors (Cambridge Kips/CANADA)
  6. Lizzy LeDuc (WOGA)
  7. Anne Kuhm (FRANCE)


Brandie Jay (GK's) took out the Senior Vault title with Jordyn Wieber (Geddert's) the Uneven Bars, France's Marine Brevet on Balance Beam and Canadian Anysia Unick took out the Floor Exercise.


  1. Marine Brevet (FRA) 55.250
  2. Brandie Jay (GK's) 54.200
  3. Briley Casanova (WOGA) 54.150
  4. Sophia Lee (WOGA)
  5. Anysia Unick (Calgary/CAN)
  6. Madeline Gardiner (Cambridge Kips/CAN)
  7. Mira Boumejmajen (FRA)
  8. Brenda Areli Medina (Gym Areba/MEX)

Huge thanks to Intl Gymnast! Full results to come.

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