Great Articles on Jessica Gil Ortiz!

12:53 AM

Image from the Latin American Herald Tribune

Over the last few weeks to a month, there have been some simply awesome news nuggets on Colombian Olympian Jessica Gil Ortiz! The articles in which I am referring to, are: firstly, the article from The Latin American Herald Tribune entitled U.S.-Colombian Gymnast Overcame Obstacles to Reach OlympicsFrom Associated Press on the 26th of June, and published on Yahoo! Noticias Colombia, is the article entitled Desde Miami, colombiana Gil ambiciona una final en gimnasiaAnd from an article from May the 28th entitled 'Naci para ser gimnasia':  Jessica Gil, con cupo a Juegos Olimpicos' with related video which you can either view as a part of the article or can see on Youtube! Thanks to Youtube channel ElColombianoTeVe here. Definitely check them out. 

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