Toronto is Home for 2 Canadian Olympians

6:42 PM

Anastasiya Muntyanu and Anjelika Reznik are headed to London as part of the Canadian Rhythmic Group.

There is a fantastic feature on Anastasiya Muntyanu and Anjelika Reznik on The Catholic Register. Check out the article at the following link: But before you do, here is a sneak peak of the article:

“Training is my number one priority and I’m skipping anything and everything to be here at the gym,” said Muntyanu, who spent much of the interview stretching on one foot. “My teachers have had a lot of planning to do with me being away but they dedicated their time to help me because they know how important this is to me.
“I’m just so thankful to have such a great community around me so that I can focus on my sport and also do well in school.” 
While both sang praises about the lengths to which their school communities have gone to accommodate their Olympic dreams, Muntyanu said the reality of competing in London hasn’t fully sunken in yet. 
“It still hasn’t actually kicked in that we are actually going there and we are actually going to be performing,” she said. “It’s still actually hard to believe that we achieved that.”

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