2015 Women's Southeast Asian Games AA Final

1:11 AM

This afternoon sees the Women take to the competition floor to contest the Women's All Around Final. Can I just say how great it is to see so many spectators filling the stands. Unfortunately the full results will not be available until shortly after the competition and I will update these as soon as possible. Vietnam's PHAN Thi Ha Thanh is wearing the green/deep aqua bodied leotard with diamante pattern with the black mesh sleeves that we so commonly see her wear. The gymnasts from Singapore Nadine Joy Nathan and Janessa Dai Min Yi are both wearing red leotards with swirls and diamante patterning. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi is wearing a leotard half blue (or is it purple?) and half with a mesh sleeve with white patterning and very shiny! Indonesia's Rifda Irfanalutfi is wearing a predominately black leotard with a silver sleeve and gold patterning whilst Tan Ing Yueh is in a purple leotard with diamantes around the collar and wrists and gorgeous patterning on the back.

Just a step out on the landing for PHAN. Gorgeous vault from Nadine Joy Nathan. Solid vault landing off to one side for Farah Ann. It took them a long time to decide Janessa Dai Min Yi's score. Rifda Irfanalutfi's vault was so close to the table! Big hop backwards for Tan Ing Yueh. Solid routine on the Bars for Ava Lorein Verdeflor who is wearing a predominately purple leotard with black sleeves. Predominately purple 3/4 sleeved leotard for Vietnam's DO Thi Van Anh with black mesh in there and pink flame pattern. It's actually quite lovely. Had to wait a long time to get started. Poor DO that long wait did not help. Has to count a fall and had a really mess start to the routine. Both Thailand gymnasts are wearing sleeveless leotards. Praewpraw is in a blue leotard with purple and pink swirls on the front. Had a bit of leg separation throughout her routine, and sat down on her dismount. Kanyanat Boontoeng was the gymnast who DO had to wait for the score to come through for. Boontoeng wears a black leotard with white sides which has red patterning to separate the black from the white - landed on her knees and head for the dismount. PHAN leads Farah Ann Abdul Hadi and Rifda Irfanalutfi after the first rotation.

Good Bars routine for Nadine Joy Nathan. Was a gorgeous routine but Farah Ann Abdul Hadi sits down her dismount. Solid routine for Irfanalutfi. Fall on release for Tan Ing Yueh and hop back on dismount. Solid routine from PHAN. Stunning black leotard with mesh sleeves and diamantes for Elizabeth LeDuc. Unfortunate fall on beam. Few bobbles in Verdeflor's routine. PHAN still leads over Abdul Hadi and Singapore's Nadine Joy Nathan at the halfway mark.

A fall from Farah Ann on the Balance Beam but finishes solidly. Beautiful Floor routine from Ava Lorein Verdeflor. Two falls from Janessa Dai Min Yi on the Beam. Irfanalutfi seems to jump off the Beam - maybe she did not feel secure on her landing, lovely routine otherwise. A couple of bobbles but a nice routine from Tan Ing Yueh. Big save but PHAN shows how it's done! Solid routine with a fall from Nadine Joy Nathan. Love Elizabeth LeDuc's floor routine!! PHAN still leads over Abdul Hadi and Nadine Joy Nathan.

Lovely routine from Janessa Dai Min Yi. Fall to her hands and knees on her second pass (Rifda Irfanalutfi) her music reminds me of Irish dancing! Lovely form from Ava Lorein Verdeflor on her vault - lands to the side though. Gorgeous routine from PHAN!! Lovely routine from Nadine Joy Nathan. Beautiful routine from Farah Ann just a little bobble on her final pass. And it's official PHAN Thi Ha Thanh takes the All Around title over Malaysia's Farah Ann Abdul Hadi and Nadine Joy Nathan of Singapore.
  1. PHAN Thi Ha Thanh  (VIE) (14.600, 11.900, 13.500, 13.750) 53.650
  2. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (MAS) (13.750, 12.300, 12.050, 13.750) 51.850
  3. Nadine Joy Nathan (SIN) (13.550, 12.100, 12.100, 13.250) 51.000
  4. Ava Lorein Verdeflor (PHI) (13.000, 12.450, 12.200, 12.750) 50.400
  5. Rifda Irfanalutfi (INA) (13.700, 10.550, 12.850, 12.500) 49.600
  6. Elizabeth LeDuc (PHI) (13.250, 10.700, 11.650, 12.950) 48.550
  7. Tan Ing Yueh (MAS) (13.000, 11.450, 12.250, 11.750) 48.450
  8. Janessa Dai Min Yi (SIN) (13.050, 10.850, 10.200, 13.100) 47.200
  9. Praewpraw Doungchan (THA) (13.350, 11.550, 10.000, 12.000) 46.900
  10. Kanyanat Boontoeng (THA) (13.550, 9.750, 10.950, 12.250) 46.500
  11. DO Thi Van Anh (VIE) (13.550, 9.500, 11.900, 11.450) 46.400

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