Day Two Event Finals at Southeast Asian Games

11:19 PM

Today marks the final day of Artistic Gymnastics competition at the 2015 28th SEA Games in Singapore. The Men's Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar finals will be contesting along with the Women's Balance Beam and Floor Exercise finals. I love the music they have played in the background. We are about to get underway with the Men's Vault Final. I never noticed before but Terry Tay Wei-An is almost a full head taller than his fellow competitors in the Final. Fall back on Agus Adi Prayoko's first vault. Much better second Vault - lands off to the side. Great second vault from Hoe Wah Toon. Fantastic Vaults from Reyland Capellan. Great first vault with a low chest on the landing from Weena Chokpaoumpai. Hop back on the landing of his second. Spectacular Vaults by LE Thanh Tung. Took awhile for the judges to score HOANG Cuong's second vault. Muhammad Abdul Azim Othman's vaults were a little too powerful and had to take steps forward. Not a good final for Terry Tay Wei-An who looks to have injured/tweaked his ankle. LE Thanh Tung takes the title over his compatriot HOANG Cuong.  Reyland Capellan earned the bronze. 

Ashly Lau is wearing the red leotard with diamantes whilst Nadine Joy Nathan is wearing a predominately white leotard with red top and gold swirls. I love Rifda Irfanalutfi's leotard - it's white with mesh sleeves and red patterning especially intricate around the collar. Favourite leotard thus far is LeDuc's; Emerald green with one black mesh sleeve with diamantes - Solid routine!! Fantastic routine from DINH Phuong Thanh. Ashly Lau had a couple of bobbles and had to count 2 falls - one on her sheep jump. Couple of steps back on the landing of Nadine Joy Nathan's acro series sees her come off the beam. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi wears a similar leotard to that she wore day one just a different colour. Solid routine with a couple of bobbles. PHAN Thi Ha Thanh wears a purple and black leo with pink patterning. Solid routine with a couple of bobbles. DO Thi Van Anh wears a navy and white leotard with lighter blue patterning. It was a Vietnamese 1-2 with PHAN Thi Ha Thanh taking gold over DO Thi Van Anh with Farah Ann Abdul Hadi winning the bronze. Whilst on the Parallel Bars, Vietnam's DINH Phuong Thanh won the Gold medal with Thailand's Rartchawat Kaewpanya and PHAM Phuoc Hung rounding out the top three. 

Incredibly solid routine for Farah Ann Abdul Hadi to "Fire on Ice". Lovely routine by Nadine Joy Nathan - just some bobbles on her landings. Nice routine by Janessa Dai. Another lovely performance on the Floor - this time by Ava Lorein Verdeflor. HOANG Cuong messes up and comes off the Horizontal Bar. Gorgeous routines by Rifda Irfanalutfi and PHAN Thi Ha Thanh. Elizabeth LeDuc looks injured? Abdul Hadi wins over Irfanalutfi and PHAN. It was a Horizontal Bar final filled with spills, Vietnam's DINH Phuong Thanh won over Malaysia's Jeremiah Loo Phay Xing with Singapore's Aizat bin Muhammad Jufrie in third. 

  1. LE Thanh Tung (VIE) (15.000, 15.000) 15.000
  2. HOANG Cuong (VIE) (14.800, 14.933) 14.866
  3. Reyland Capellan (PHI) (14.666, 14.566) 14.616
  4. Weena Chokpaoumpai (THA) (14.500, 14.500) 14.500
  5. Agus Adi Prayoko (INA) (14.066, 14.633) 14.349
  6. Muhammad Abdul Azim Othman (MAS) (13.866, 14.433) 14.149
  7. Hoe Wah Toon (SIN) (13.700, 14.366) 14.033
  8. Terry Tay Wei-An (SIN) (13.666, 13.233) 13.449
  1. PHAN Thi Ha Thanh  (VIE) 13.966
  2. DO Thi Van Anh (VIE) 13.333
  3. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (MAS) 13.300
  4. Rifda Irfanalutfi (INA) 12.966
  5. Elizabeth LeDuc (PHI) 12.700
  6. Nadine Joy Nathan (SIN) 12.200
  7. Praewpraw Doungchan (THA) 11.733
  8. Ashly Lau Wei-Ning (SIN) 11.266
  1. DINH Phuong Thanh (VIE) 15.833
  2. Rartchawat Kaewpanya (THA) 14.800
  3. PHAM Phuoc Hung (VIE) 14.633
  4. Jamorn Prommanee (THA) 14.400
  5. Muhammad Try Saputra (INA) 14.133
  6. Timothy Tay Kai Cheng (SIN) 13.433
  7. Gregory Gan Zi Chao (SIN) 13.266
  8. Jeremiah Loo Phay Xing (MAS) 12.400
  1. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (MAS) 13.733
  2. Rifda Irfanalutfi (INA) 13.700
  3. PHAN Thi Ha Thanh  (VIE) 13.433
  4. Tan Ing Yueh (MAS) 13.333
  5. Nadine Joy Nathan (SIN) 13.133
  6. Janessa Dai Min Yi (SIN) 13.100
  7. Ava Lorein Verdeflor (PHI) 12.900
  8. Elizabeth LeDuc (PHI) 12.566
  1. DINH Phuong Thanh (VIE) 14.233
  2. Jeremiah Loo Phay Xing (MAS) 14.133
  3. Aizat bin Muhammad Jufrie (SIN) 12.833
  4. Timothy Tay Kai Cheng (SIN) 12.566
  5. Muhammad Try Saputra (INA) 12.333
  6. HOANG Cuong (VIE) 12.266
  7. Ferrous One Willyodac (INA) 11.633
  8. Tissanupan Wichianpradit (THA) 10.733

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