Boise State vs Southern Utah

6:30 PM

Currently ranked 9th Boise State University are taking on No. 24 Southern Utah University at the Centrum Arena in Cedar City, Utah. It should be an exciting competition this evening. Disappointing Uneven Bars routine from BSU's Diana Mejia. Solid routine from BSU's Sandra Collantes on the Uneven Bars - a little short on a couple of handstands. I love her team mate Krystine Jacobsen on the Uneven Bars - lovely height in her releases but just a small hop back on her dismount. I love the gorgeous leotards from both teams this evening. After the first rotation, Boise State has a narrow lead over Southern Utah. Nice vault from Shani Remme of BSU. Hop back and to the side on the landing of Mary Frances Bir's vault. Solid vaulting from Boise State. At the halfway point, Boise State University leads over Southern Utah University. Southern Utah Junior Virginia Brownsell and RS Junior Stacie Webb took the honors on the Vault, whilst on the Uneven Bars SUU Junior Kirsten Yee tied with Boise State's Jacobsen for the high score. Lovely Floor routine from Paige Urquhart from Boise State. Unfortunate fall from Kirsten Yee on the Beam. Gorgeous routine from Jacobsen on Floor. Lovely routine from Tyly Bozzuto and her team mate Danielle Ramirez on the Beam. Webb tied with Ramirez for the Balance Beam title with Boise State University Senior Maddie earning the honors on the Floor Exercise. Remme was the All Around top scorer helping her team to the win. 

  1. Boise State University (49.050, 49.075, 48.800, 49.325) 196.250
  2. Southern Utah University (48.900, 48.950, 48.625, 49.225) 195.700
  1. Shani Remme (Boise State) 39.325
  2. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah) 39.100
  3. Sandra Collantes (Boise State) 38.975
  1. Virginia Brownsell (Southern Utah); Stacie Webb (Southern Utah) 9.850

  2. Mary Frances Bir (Boise State); Mackenzie Bennion (Southern Utah) 9.825

  3. Madyson Blake (Southern Utah); Shani Remme (Boise State); Maddie Krentz (Boise State); Sandra Collantes (Southern Utah) 9.800

  4. Ann Stockwell (Boise State) 9.750
  5. Caitlyn Kessel (Southern Utah) 9.725
  6. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah) 9.675
    1. Krystine Jacobsen (Boise State); Kirsten Yee (Southern Utah) 9.875

    2. Ann Stockwell (Boise State); Sydney Townsend (Southern Utah); Caitlyn Kessel (Southern Utah) 9.825

    3. Maddie Krentz (Boise State); Sandra Collantes (Boise State) 9.800

    4. Shani Remme (Boise State) 9.775
    5. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah) 9.725
    6. Memory Shettles (Southern Utah) 9.700
    7. Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah) 9.675
    8. Diana Mejia (Boise State) 7.550
    1. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Stacie Webb (Southern Utah) 9.900

    2. Shani Remme (Boise State) 9.875
    3. Natalie Trejo (Southern Utah); Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah); Molly McFarland (Boise State) 9.850

    4. Sarah Means (Boise State); Krystine Jacobsen (Boise State) 9.800

    5. Sandra Collantes (Boise State) 9.475
    6. Paige Urquhart (Boise State) 9.175
    7. Kirsten Yee (Southern Utah) 9.125
    8. Kamryn Bayer (Southern Utah) 9.025
    1. Maddie Krentz (Boise State) 9.925
    2. Sandra Collantes (Boise State) 9.900
    3. Shani Remme (Boise State); Stacie Webb (Southern Utah); Virginia Brownsell (Southern Utah) 9.875

    4. Natalie Trejo (Southern Utah) 9.850
    5. Krystine Jacobsen (Boise State); Karen Gonzalez (Southern Utah) 9.825

    6. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Paige Urquhart (Boise State) 9.800

    7. Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah) 9.775
    8. Ann Stockwell (Boise State) 9.725

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