Florida vs Georgia

4:36 PM

The Florida Gators are competing against the University of Georgia at the Stegeman Coliseum for the first time since 2003. It was close after the first rotation with some lovely vaults putting Georgia just 0.325 behind Florida. After two rotations, Georgia has closed the gap to being 0.275 behind Florida. Florida Sophomore Alex McMurtry topped the Vault over her Senior team mate Bridget Sloan and Georgia Senior Brandie Jay. Jay matched a career high 9.925 on the Uneven Bars to tie for the event honors with McMurtry. Georgia's Natalie Vaculik falls on side flip. Solid routine from Jay as well as Florida's lead off performers on the Floor Exercise Ericha Fassbender and Grace McLaughlin. Looks like Georgia will have to count a fall on the Balance Beam after Sophomore Vivi Babalis had two falls. Omgosh Bridget Sloan injures her foot on the Floor Exercise (stumbled back after a short landing on her punch front) - hoping she is okay. With only one rotation to go, Florida remains 0.9 points ahead of Georgia. Ashley Hiller came in to anchor Florida on the Floor Exercise replacing Bridgette Caquatto in the initial lineup. Disappointing beam routine for Kennedy Baker who has a fall. Florida Freshman puts her hands down on her dismount. Bridget Sloan is definitely one of a kind - injuring herself on the Floor Exercise and coming back to compete a killer beam set to top the field on the event. Georgia Seniors Brittany Rogers and Mary Beth Box and Sophomore Gigi Marino shared in the Floor Exercise honors. Rogers and Jay shared in the All Around title. In the end Georgia triumphed by 0.05 points - close meet!!

  1. University of Georgia (49.000, 49.325, 48.450, 49.625) 196.400
  2. University of Florida (49.275, 49.325, 48.675, 49.075) 196.350
  1. Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Brandie Jay (Georgia) 39.375

  2. Bridget Sloan (Florida) 39.150
  3. Kennedy Baker (Florida) 38.850
  4. Alicia Boren (Florida) 38.800
  1. Alex McMurtry (Florida) 9.900
  2. Brandie Jay (Georgia); Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.875

  3. Ericha Fassbender (Florida); Kennedy Baker (Florida) 9.850

  4. Sydney Snead (Georgia) 9.825
  5. Alicia Boren (Florida) 9.800
  6. Ashlyn Broussard (Georgia); GiGi Marino (Georgia) 9.775

  7. Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Bridgette Caquatto (Florida) 9.750

  8. Natalie Vaculik (Georgia) 9.725
  1. Alex McMurtry (Florida); Brandie Jay (Georgia) 9.925

  2. Bridgette Caquatto (Florida); Sydney Snead (Georgia) 9.900

  3. Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.875
  4. Rachel Schick (Georgia); Brittany Rogers (Georgia) 9.850

  5. Kennedy Baker (Florida) 9.825
  6. Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto (Florida); Gracie Cherrey (Georgia) 9.800

  7. Alicia Boren (Florida); Natalie Vaculik (Georgia) 9.775

  1. Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.875
  2. Mary Beth Box (Georgia); Ericha Fassbender (Florida) 9.850

  3. Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Alex McMurtry (Florida) 9.825

  4. Brandie Jay (Georgia); Peyton Ernst (Florida) 9.775

  5. Ashlyn Broussard (Georgia) 9.725
  6. Alicia Boren (Florida) 9.350
  7. Natalie Vaculik (Georgia) 9.275
  8. Kennedy Baker (Florida) 9.250
  9. Vivi Babalis (Georgia) 8.625
  1. Brittany Rogers (Georgia); GiGi Marino (Georgia); Mary Beth Box (Georgia) 9.950

  2. Kennedy Baker (Florida) 9.925
  3. Vivi Babalis (Georgia) 9.900
  4. Alicia Boren (Florida); Sydney Snead (Georgia) 9.875

  5. Grace McLaughlin (Florida); Ericha Fassbender (Florida); Brandie Jay (Georgia) 9.800

  6. Ashley Hiller (Florida) 9.675
  7. Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.525

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