2016 Iowa City Regional

2:45 AM

The 2016 Iowa City Regional is hosted by the University of Iowa in the Carver-Hawkeye Arena at 4.00pm CT. The University of Iowa is making it's ninth Regional appearance out of the last 12 seasons. The University of Oklahoma is hoping to win it's seventh consecutive Regional title. Kent State University's last appearance at Regionals as a team was in 2014 - last season Sophomore Rachel Stypinski competed as an individual. The University of Nebraska has now qualified for post-season competition for 32 consecutive seasons whilst Central Michigan University is making it's eighth consecutive Regionals appearance. The University of Arkansas is making it's 13th consecutive trip to the NCAA Regionals with the team hoping to qualify for NCAA Championships Session II for the first time since 2013. In only the fifth time in the Centenary College program and the first since 2011 - the team sees an individual qualifier head to Regionals (Sophomore Ashley White). Western Michigan University is sending a record seven Individuals to Regionals (Jessi Buis is making her third Regionals appearance, with Anna Corbett, Kelsey Hood and Jessie Peszek making their second Regionals appearance. Ball State University is sending gymnasts to Regionals for the first time in the last couple of years that Joanna Saleem has been the Head Coach.

As the top two finishers, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Nebraska advance to the 2016 NCAA National Championships. Western Michigan University Junior Anna Corbett was unable to compete for the official All Around routine due to an injury in which she sustained at the MAC Championships whilst Sophomore Kelsey Hood scratched following the Floor Exercise due to an injury. With no All Around Alternate to replace Corbett, all four Event Alternates moved into the lineup.

Oklahoma's Chayse Capps (Junior) and Keeley Kmieciak (Senior) finished first and second in the All Around. Capps was the Vault champion with her Junior team mate McKenzie Wofford finishing top of the Uneven Bars standings. Capps and team mates Sophomore Natalie Brown and Freshman Nicole Lehrmann shared in the Balance Beam honors with Iow's Mollie Drenth and the University of Nebraska's Sophomore Grace Williams. Nebraska Senior Hollie Blanske and Oklahoma Sophomore AJ Jackson tied for the Floor Exercise honors. University of Iowa Junior Mollie Drenth and University of Arkansas' Senior Amanda Wellick advance to Nationals as All Around qualifiers.

  • VAULT: Jordyn Penny (Sophomore, Ball State University) 
  • UNEVEN BARS: Kayla Beckler (Junior, Ball State University)
  • BALANCE BEAM: Jordyn Penny (Sophomore, Ball State University) 
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Audry Merritt (Junior, Western Michigan University)
TEAM RESULTS (Nos. at front of team name represent Regional Seeding):
  1. 1 - University of Oklahoma (49.275, 49.575, 49.425, 49.300) 197.575
  2. 2 - University of Nebraska (48.925, 49.225, 49.125, 49.275) 196.550
  3. 3 - University of Arkansas (48.375, 49.100, 49.025, 49.000) 195.500
  4. 4 - University of Iowa (48.525, 49.425, 49.100, 48.400) 195.450
  5. 6 - Central Michigan University (48.375, 48.875, 48.900, 48.525) 194.675
  6. 5 - Kent State University (48.450, 48.650, 48.850, 48.575) 194.525
  1. Chayse Capps (University of Oklahoma) 39.550
  2. Keeley Kmieciak (University of Oklahoma) 39.475
  3. Hollie Blanske (University of Nebraska); Mollie Drenth (University of Iowa) 39.450

  4. Amanda Wellick (University of Arkansas) 39.350
  5. Grace Williams (University of Nebraska) 39.325
  6. Rachel Stypinski (Kent State University) 39.275
  7. Jennie Laeng (University of Nebraska) 39.225
  8. Danielle Breen (University of Nebraska) 39.200
  9. Angel Metcalf (University of Iowa) 38.650
  10. Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan University) 38.350
  11. Ashley White (Sophomore, Centenary College) 37.900
  12. Kelsey Hood (Sophomore, Western Michigan University) - Competed on 2 apparatuses before injury
  13. Anna Corbett (Junior, Western Michigan University) - Did not compete
  1. Chayse Capps (Oklahoma) 9.900
  2. Amanda Wellick (Arkansas); Haley Scaman (Oklahoma) 9.875

  3. Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma); Megan Schweihofer (Nebraska); Hunter Price (Oklahoma) 9.850

  4. Mollie Drenth  (Iowa); Rose Piorkowski (Iowa) 9.825

  5. Hollie Blanske (Nebraska); Charity Jones (Oklahoma); Karlee Teet (Central Michigan); Nicolle Eastman (Kent State); Braie Speed (Arkansas) 9.800

  6. Jennie Laing (Nebraska); Denasiha Christian (Senior, Ball State University) 9.775

  7. Grace Williams (Nebraska); Danielle Breen (Nebraska); AJ Jackson (Oklahoma); Sienna Crouse (Nebraska); Jessi Buis (Senior, Western Michigan University) 9.750

  8. Rachel Stypinski (Kent State); Misty-Jade Carlson (Iowa) 9.725

  9. Rachel Carr (Central Michigan); Dara Williams (Kent State) 9.700

  10. Ashley White (Centenary); Samantha Nelson (Arkansas) 9.675

  11. Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan); Paige Zaziski (Arkansas); Sarah Ebeyer (Junior, Ball State University) 9.650

  12. Jordan Hardison (Kent State); Katy Clements (Central Michigan); Maria Ortiz (Iowa) 9.625

  13. Skyelee Lamano (Kent State); Jodie Plescow (Central Michigan) 9.600

  14. Angel Metcalf (Iowa); Jordyn Penny (Sophomore, Ball State University) 9.525

  15. Sydney McGlone (Arkansas); Brooke Timko (Kent State) 9.375

  16.  Makenzie Anderson (Arkansas) 9.350
  17. Nikki Youd (Iowa) 9.200
  18. Gianna Plaksa (Central Michigan) 8.900
  1. McKenzie Wofford (Oklahoma) 9.950
  2. Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma); Nicole Lehrmann (Oklahoma) 9.925

  3. Chayse Capps (Oklahoma); Hollie Blanske (Nebraska); Mollie Drenth (Iowa); Angel Metcal (Iowa) 9.900

  4. Haley Scaman (Oklahoma); Johanny Sotillo (Iowa); Stephani Canizaro (Arkansas); Lexi Mura (Iowa); Erin Freier (Arkansas); Melissa Zurawski (Iowa) 9.875

  5. Grace Williams (Nebraska); AJ Jackson (Oklahoma); Sienna Crouse (Nebraska) 9.850

  6. Rachel Stypinski (Kent State); Jordyn Penny (Sophomore, Ball State University); Catelyn Orel (Nebraska); Jessie Peszek (Western Michigan University, Junior); Lanie Snyder (Iowa); Jodie Plescow (Central Michigan) 9.825

  7. Jennie Laeng (Nebraska); Danielle Breen (Nebraska); Braie Speed (Arkansas); Michaela Romito (Kent State); Meghan Lamphere (Central Michigan); Bryttany Kaplan (Central Michigan) 9.800

  8. Amanda Wellick (Arkansas); Keara Glover (Arkansas) 9.775

  9. Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan); Ashley White (Centenary); Karlee Teet (Central Michigan); Kayla Beckler (Junior, Ball State University) 9.725

  10. Paige Zaziski (Arkansas); Sarah Lippowitsch (Kent State) 9.700

  11. Brooke Timko (Kent State) 9.675
  12. Skyelee Lamano (Kent State); Jessica Juncaj (Sophomore, Western Michigan University) 9.650
  14. Rachel Carr (Central Michigan) 9.600
  15. Alexandra Marrero (Kent State) 9.250
  1. Chayse Capps (Oklahoma); Mollie Drenth (Iowa); Grace Williams (Nebraska); Nicole Lehrmann (Oklahoma); Natalie Brown (Oklahoma) 9.900

  2. Rachel Stypinski (Kent State); Charity Jones (Oklahoma); Alie Glover (Iowa) 9.875

  3. Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma); Hollie Blanske (Nebraska); Amanda Wellick (Arkansas); Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan); Paige Zaziski (Arkansas); Baylee Bell (Sophomore, Ball State University) 9.850

  4. Samantha Nelson (Arkansas); Stefani Catour (Oklahoma) 9.825

  5. Jennie Laeng (Nebraska); Danielle Breen (Nebraska); Jordyn Penny (Sophomore, Ball State University); Johanny Sotillo (Iowa); Sydney Dillard (Arkansas); Rachael Underwood (Freshman, Western Michigan University); Alexandra Marrero (Kent State); Kennedy Plude (Kent State); Shaila Segal (Central Michigan) 9.800

  6. Megan Schweihofer (Nebraska); Jessie Peszek (Western Michigan University, Junior); Savannah Borman (Iowa); Milena Fabry (Kent State); Jordan Charrette (Central Michigan); Caroline Fitzpatrick (Central Michigan) 9.775

  7. Lexi Mura (Iowa); Madison McConkey (Nebraska) 9.750

  8. Karlee Teet (Central Michigan); Sydney McGlone (Arkansas); Kelsey Hood (Western Michigan) 9.700

  9. Angel Metcalf (Iowa) 9.675
  10. Nicolle Eastman (Kent State) 9.600
  11. Brooke Timko (Kent State) 9.575
  12. Erin Freier (Arkansas); Katy Clements (Central Michigan) 9.325'

  13. Ashley White (Centenary) 8.825
  1. Hollie Blanske (Nebraska); AJ Jackson (Oklahoma) 9.900

  2. Chayse Capps (Oklahoma); Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma); Amanda Wellick (Arkansas); Rachel Stypinski (Kent State); Jennie Laeng (Nebraska); Danielle Breen (Nebraska); Haley Scaman (Oklahoma); Sienna Crouse (Nebraska); Natalie Brown (Oklahoma); Denasiha Christian (Senior, Ball State University) 9.850

  3. Mollie Drenth (Iowa); Grace Williams (Nebraska); Sydney McGlone (Arkansas) 9.825

  4. Charity Jones (Oklahoma); Stephanie Canizaro (Arkansas); Catelyn Orel (Nebraska); Sydnie Dillard (Arkansas) 9.800

  5. Lanie Snyder (Iowa); Rachael Underwood (Freshman, Western Michigan University); Gianna Plaksa (Central Michigan) 9.750

  6. Nicolle Eastman (Kent State); Alie Glover (Iowa); Makenzie Anderson (Arkansas); Samantha Gordon (Kent State) 9.725

  7. Sarah Ebeyer (Junior, Ball State University); Jordan Hardison (Kent State); Abbie Rose Zoeller (Central Michigan); Audry Merritt (Junior, Western Michigan University); Macy Hilliker (Central Michigan); Skyler Memmel (Central Michigan) 9.700

  8. Ashley White (Centenary); Rachel Carr (Central Michigan) 9.675

  9. Skyelee Lamano (Kent State) 9.575
  10. Angel Metcalf (Iowa); Samantha Nelson (Arkansas); Ashleigh Edlin (Iowa) 9.550

  11. Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan) 9.125
  12. Melissa Zurawski (Iowa) 9.075
  13. Michaela Romito (Kent State) 8,950
  14. Kelsey Hood (Western Michigan University) 8.800

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